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Without strong forestry policies, squatters will invade forest land and poachers will log at the edges.
Around the world, many forestry officials now want forest fires to burn-as long as they don't endanger humans.
The prime majors are park management, natural history, forestry or outdoor recreation.
Oil has supplanted forestry as the mainstay of the economy, providing a major share of government revenues and exports.
Forestry, an important export earner, provides a secondary occupation for the rural population.
He is also a state legislator, a forestry professor, and a wildlife researcher--which is where his howling comes in.
We're trying to get people thinking about urban forestry and its benefits.
The price of the timber minus those costs, which is called the stumpage price in forestry, is the basis for the fee charged.
The report also suggests that farming, forestry, and fishing are satisfying occupations despite their risks and low compensation.
Now it's mainly available through forestry-supply outlets or direct from the manufacturer.
Industrial forestry rapidly cuts wide swathes through the woods.
If adopted, the standards would fundamentally alter the organization's approach to rating forestry products.
Others are started by farmers trying to clear land, or by part-time forestry workers creating employment for themselves.
The government is always short of cash, and forestry control has never ranked high among its priorities.
Companies in such industries as forestry and fisheries depend heavily on guest workers.
Conservationist tenant preferred, but extractive forestry also considered.
Multiple factors will amplify the effects of global warming on agriculture and forestry.
The state's forestry division cleared fallen trees off roads.
The team also worked with locals to establish sustainable forestry programs and ecotourism enterprises.
It might be a good idea to take a better look at the forestry practices right outside town.
Glyphosate has been found in streams following agricultural, urban, and forestry applications.
Humanity, overall, has had a positive effect of forestry.
In mountainous regions, too, gazogenes firing wood allowed total autonomy of supply for forestry machines.
The next few years will be controversial for the forestry profession.
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