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They must have the foresight and the imagination to see that all knowledge in some way, someday, will serve everyone.
Our new instructors could hardly be blamed for a certain impatience with our parents, who had been so lacking in foresight.
Marble was wearing sandals, of course, though he did have the foresight to layer heavy white socks underneath.
What they looked to enjoy were the fruits of their own valour and foresight.
The approaches embody some of science's great virtues: foresight, patience and cleverness.
In speeches, he described the digital future with uncanny foresight.
The strategy suggested qualities that weren't supposed to occur in the lower orders: foresight, planning, perhaps even tool use.
He was a scapegoat, he said, for a common failure of foresight and courage.
Their names means hindsight and foresight, respectively.
However, those with such visionary foresight are rarely given the chance to call the shots.
First thank him for his diligent long-term work and foresight.
The underlying message is that knowledge of the past helps foresight, and those with foresight accrue power.
Essentially, this means that the government is making a bet on the future, without any particularly keen foresight.
The problem was not lack of authority but lack of foresight and knowledge.
Unlike his predecessor, he exercised foresight: everything came up at the same time and was hot when the crew sat down.
As you have had the foresight to place the sun at your back, he has the sun in his eyes.
Those managers with the foresight to embrace such change will thrive.
If they are going to make it, someone needs to invest some foresight, not to mention care.
When you have foresight on a sure thing, it is an opportunity to plan for the future.
Hopefully these methods of genetic foresight continue to be used in a utilitarian and humanitarian way.
It is so because those who judge them are themselves devoid of that same foresight.
Really, you thought they would have learned a lesson with oil to be more informed and hopefully have bit more foresight.
Those that act reactively, will find themselves buying from those countries that had more foresight.
Here again, lack of foresight and regulation for a product that kills and injures more people than a war does.
But in its more deliberate way of learning and acting, native culture is more about foresight as opposed to hindsight.
Foresight and action now might make some of the coming trade-offs easier.
Whilst now it is the gymnastics of the understanding, it is hiving in the foresight of the spirit, experience in profounder laws.
One needs little foresight to envision the consequences.
Nobody planned it, but in this instance the market rewarded foresight and innovation.
Domestic trips can be executed with relative ease, but visiting foreign countries usually requires more foresight and planning.
The city was built layer upon layer over thousands of years with little foresight dedicated to accessibility.
Data for resected points are collected as foresight observations.
But even so, the lack of foresight seems breathtaking.
Another species of bird, the scrub jay, has challenged our supposedly unique gift of foresight.

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