foreshadow in a sentence

Example sentences for foreshadow

If the species is allowed to vanish, scientists believe it will foreshadow the extinction of a host of other marine species.
Sometimes goodwill, especially when it's excessive, can foreshadow problems down the road.
Often, financial sector layoffs foreshadow broader layoffs in the economy, for reasons explained here.
For, clotted as the poem was, it seemed uncannily to foreshadow his own visionary flight and fall.
It not only wasn't necessary, it would have been wrong to foreshadow an outcome when there isn't one to foreshadow yet.
If there was a foreshadow of his career, it was late in appearing.
Therefore, they may foreshadow subsequent price changes for business and consumers.
Therefore, they may foreshadow subsequent price changes for businesses and consumers.
In his remarks, he again used the past to foreshadow the future of the nation.
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