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Example sentences for forensics

Forensics are shoddy: examining evidence can take up to three months.
Real forensics can be even more mysterious and fascinating.
The raid, which began in the early morning and lasted almost all day, included a team of forensics experts.
Or that a forensics expert testified that he had been ordered by his superiors to plant false evidence.
It is also evident, the forensics experts say, that almost all of the remains are those of children.
Forensics is a great way to trap kids into appreciating science.
Series examines the science and forensics utilized in criminal investigations.
He added that a police forensics team had been at the scene and that the police were looking for a number of suspects.
Fifteen years later, computer forensics is a growing commercial and legal activity.
In this latest report the authors subject such controversies to painstaking cross-country forensics.
The invention also includes new methods of security and forensics to any type of paper.
My takeaway: this study provides one more piece of evidence in the forensics of climate change.
Good-quality beans or not, you need a forensics expert to merely detect them.
Forensics is an inexact science, and eyewitnesses are unreliable.
Before forensics, the standard process of authentication involved establishing provenance.
The way the body was left was consistent with a knowledge of forensics.
The technique, if validated, could be a useful tool in forensics.
Its high-tech forensics lab, sophisticated computer technology and regular samplings of gore fit the procedural profile.
National forensics experts who have seen entirely too much tragedy.
The genetic structure of human populations is important in population genetics, forensics and medicine.
Police forensics experts said he had been stabbed repeatedly.
We thought that would be a great opportunity for the audience to re experience the fundamentals of forensics.
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