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Forensic science also emphasizes what scientists complain is too often lacking in standard science education: hands-on lab work.
They had no forensic body farm at which to chart a corpse's fade from nauseating stink to cautionary bones.
One practical application lies in the forensic arena.
The digital forensic techniques described on the following pages could be used to detect where changes were made.
He is talking about forensic anthropology: bones, human bones.
Audio forensic examiners are asked to authenticate recordings presented as evidence in criminal and civil court cases.
Its allegations, contained in a report released this week, are backed by eyewitness accounts and forensic evidence.
If a gun is recovered, a forensic scientist test-fires it to determine the markings it leaves on bullets and cartridge casings.
Forensic scientists could tell you a skull's ancestral continent.
In many jurisdictions, indigent defendants aren't given access to their own forensic experts.
They are not well trained in detection and they are short of forensic equipment.
The new technology could be incredibly accurate sampling tool for forensic investigations.
Challenges to fingerprint evidence-not to mention other dodgy forensic methods-will keep growing.
When a human skeleton is found, forensic scientists create what is called a biological profile.
To do a full forensic examination of a computer takes up to three months.
The possible uses include high-security checks and forensic work.
He also came to be considered the dean of forensic anthropologists.
The administration of the insanity defense, a forensic psychologist says, is almost senseless.
Forensic scientists and archaeologists have become detectives, conceiving and discarding theories about why and how he died.
There is some forensic evidence to support their claim.
They do an enormous amount of forensic work basically.
Bring children of all ages and get a hands-on introduction to forensic science.
The answer, according to a team of clinical forensic psychologists, is that it cannot.
That-and fresh forensic techniques identifying tiny amounts of fibres and blood-secured the two convictions.
Few if any conflicts have been subject to this level of forensic investigation.
The forensic science community needs more peer review.
Historians and forensic geneticists would still be debating the accuracy of the paternity charge two centuries later.
The police had no forensic evidence, no silver and no eyewitnesses.
We know that forensic evidence often obscures as much as it reveals.
Forensic investigators followed, some saying the horse could have kicked the door, others finding that impossible.
The meeting soon broke up and then a contact of mine, a forensic specialist, arrived.
The investigation was reopened because of advances in forensic technology and new tips to law enforcement.
His accuser may have lied about some things but the forensic evidence apparently remains powerful.
Forensic economists testify on the value of a life every day.
His laptop and two cell phones were seized by a forensic investigator, though they were returned to him later.
PCs are typically the first place forensic scientists look when they suspect suspicious activity.
Not that we're putting down forensic evidence-for all its faults, it has worked courtroom miracles across the globe.
The results derive from controlled experiments with a number of human subjects rather than forensic casework.
In humans, they can be used to identify individuals in forensic work or to establish family connections.
Forensic evidence showed that had fired shots at some point in the commission of the crimes.
Modern forensic testing techniques could confirm the existence of gas chambers but they are forbidden.
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