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Example sentences for forenoon

The children were also required to work part time in the forenoon and afternoon.
As a result, a heavy, wet snow began falling during the forenoon hours and continued through the afternoon.
During the engagement in the forenoon he was wounded but stayed by his little gun until victory was won.
The snow bore up the horses well till mid-forenoon, when it began to give way beneath them.
The discussion this forenoon was upon non-resistance.
The earthquake commenced at half-past eleven o'clock in the forenoon.
The following forenoon the baggage started, in a couple of two-wheeled ox-carts, for the landing where the steamboat awaited us.
Late in the forenoon the enemy again tried to carry our right by storm.
It had begun raining in the night, and the heavy downpour continued throughout the forenoon.

Famous quotes containing the word forenoon

When we were opposite to the middle of Billerica, the fields on either hand had a soft and cultivated English aspect, th... more
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