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As a dramatic writer, he has been frequently criticized, and cannot be placed in the foremost rank.
He is said to be one of the foremost interpreters of that composer's works.
At the wedding, my new job was not foremost in my mind.
Rabinowitz is among the world's foremost jaguar experts.
Not that he wasn't first and foremost a pragmatist, mind you, despite his aesthetic sense.
First and foremost is the idea of the search for a place to call home, individually and collectively.
Stellar is the foremost provider of advanced data recovery software.
Among the antiquities of a great nation, its tombs always hold a foremost place.
Net-zero-energy building is first and foremost about radical energy-use efficiency.
Tonga's judiciary remains answerable first and foremost to the king, not the elected government.
White rhinos have two horns, the foremost more prominent than the other.
The utility of math should be emphasized, first and foremost.
Caveats remain, the foremost being the replication of the work in human tissue.
Foremost among such negative experiences was that of the electric-power industry.
Foremost among these is unrelenting sensory immersion in the landscape and soundscape of the natural world.
Drug companies are corporations with a profit motive first and foremost.
Not surprisingly the term is applied first and foremost to political enemies.
Education is the foremost conveyance of knowledge to help rebuff where appropriate and inform where necessary.
It is always up to the therapist to be ethical, first and foremost regardless of how therapy is conducted.
First and foremost to be a clean book: straightforward, clearly and linearly narrated, realistic.
Foremost of them all is that there is no value to chase out there worth investing.
Most companies occupied themselves first and foremost with the survival of their employees who were working in the buildings.
He is probably the foremost philosopher of animal rights-you know, in a serious way-who is out there.
For companies, the past year has been first and foremost about short-term survival.
As far as it goes you're right, jelly roll: science, first and foremost is a search for knowledge.
Foremost among these was curbing corruption within the government.
Courses by some of the world's foremost scholars are online, free for the viewing.
Bushnell sees gaming as a social activity first and foremost.
In all public enterprises, this house has been foremost.
AT any time of the year, but never more than on a cold winter day, soup is the first and foremost comforting food for me.
Too many academics don't grasp that trade publishing is first and foremost a business.
In the past few years, that quest has become one of astronomy's foremost goals.
Foremost among these is worry about dramatic falls in currencies.
Americans are angry first and foremost with financiers.
First and foremost there are five different channels to choose from and potentially more on the way.
Boards must apply a broader definition of performance first and foremost to the chief executive.
Already one of the world's foremost evolutionary biologists, he had caught the spirit of a new age.
At their core, however, these stories are first and foremost about individuals and families.
Writing is not merely, or even foremost, a matter of self-expression.
First and foremost, they should be at the beginning of a promising career in exploration.
First and foremost, she brings her deep appreciation for her culture.
First and foremost, premium gas really is a better fuel in terms of the power it provides in the right engine.
First and foremost, this physical coating prevents seawater from absorbing oxygen from the atmosphere.
Evolution, first and foremost, is a falsifiable scientific theory explaining the how life adapts and grows in its environment.
Yet he is also one of the world's foremost global-warming skeptics.
Instead, he sets out to gain back the powers that they stole from him, which first and foremost include his ability to warp.
First and foremost, safety is a prime concern with a device that comes in contact with the eye.
And then he expanded the uses of politics so that, first and foremost, politics became about protecting him and his interests.
But to grasp how they work, there are a few things to understand, first and foremost that they act as a single unit.
Library collections are first and foremost intended for use.
Foremost among them was her marked disinclination to take blood tests.
The white matter in the foremost frontal lobes, the so-called prefrontal areas, had been disrupted on both sides of the brain.
First and foremost, the vast majority of inflationary theories predict a flat infinite universe.
Education of pedestrians and drivers will always be, first and foremost, the best solution.
First and foremost, you use theory's to try to prove another theory false.
First and foremost, coaches should be educators and role models.
Absence of trust is the first and foremost dysfunction of a team.
Our reputation first and foremost comes from being a great-executing, high-performance company.
First and foremost, only his doctors and agent truly know what is going on with it.
Chicken soup should first and foremost have a strong and deep chicken flavor, which must come from the chicken itself.
First and foremost, however, he makes fun of himself.
First and foremost, polypropylene ought really to be banned from use for food and drinks containers.
He is, in short, one of the world's foremost computer geeks.
First and foremost, the housing bubble was one of the frothiest in the world.
Bejeweled is certainly not a biofeedback tool first and foremost, so our implementation of these systems is pretty light.
On top of all that, his foremost impression is in regards to the availability of a certain type of beer.
Those regimes faltered first and foremost because socialism and authoritarianism tend not to work out in the long run.
The safety and security of our guests is our first and foremost priority.
And it is first and foremost important to get a commonly shared fiscal compact right.
Software security is first and foremost about identifying and managing risks.

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