foremast in a sentence

Example sentences for foremast

Prominent here are three large fragments of the foremast, including the lower trestle tree and the lower yard with truss.
The exploding torpedo buckled the deck of the tanker and brought down its foremast and radio equipment.
Mounted on the foremast are two booms which are used in hauling the dredges.
The foremast supports a heavy boom at the level of the boiler deck.
The foremast was gone, but the mainmast was standing.
All the sails on the foremast below the royal are set, and the main sheets of the mail and mizzen masts arc set.
They perched at first on the foremast and then down on deck.
Her foremast and yard were floating, but were held by the rigging.

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. . . the ship struck at ten minutes after four A.M., and all hands, being mostly in their nightclothes, made haste to t... more
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