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Example sentences for foreman

Foreman did not return messages left with two of his lawyers.
Then the plumbing and electrical foreman come in and mark their details, followed by the drywallers, siding and painters.
The foreman of shepherds examines herd on a pasture with the help of binocular.
Jury deliberations are led by the leader of the jury, called a jury foreman.
The railroad-construction company that employed him, which had thought him a model foreman, refused to take him back.
The programmer issues instructions to the computer in much the same way as the foreman at a building site shouts at his workers.
Somehow manage the blog as if you were the foreman of a construction crew.
Foreman looked done for, banging his head on the canvas when he slammed down on his side as if dropped from a great height.
The foreman, who had hired them for years, said to try again next week.
Each crew has to build a structure with the game's wooden blocks, but only the crew's foreman gets to look at the blueprints.
The following practical exercises will be incorporated as part of the underground mine foreman certification examination.

Famous quotes containing the word foreman

God is a foreman with certain definite views Who orders life in shifts of work and leisure.... more
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