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Today, as the province faces declining birthrates, its future growth will depend increasingly on foreigners.
We drove without stopping, slumped low in our seats, wary of being recognized as foreigners.
Among foreigners, he is chiefly known by his prose fiction.
They had told each other that they would try to work with the foreigners.
The customs and immigration officers are busy inspecting the visas of foreigners.
Today only a thousand foreigners a year are allowed into the region.
On the final afternoon, the foreigners traveled in a five-car motorcade, visiting potential event sites across the city.
There were a lot of foreigners who came to set records.
It was concerned that the foreigners would face difficulty in having suddenly to find new employment.
Foreigners and their peculiar ways were infuriating, to be sure, but also highly amusing.
More than ransom money, the militants said they wanted all foreigners to leave their territory.
The disdain for dark-skinned foreigners, in contrast, was and remains relatively uncomplicated.
So they rushed headlong into new trouble by attacking the foreigners and their legations.
There are many, many steps to getting there, because so many foreigners came in and screwed things up systematically for so long.
There's currency risk, too, especially since many of our creditors are foreigners.
By the same token, foreigners' hatred can be surprisingly demoralizing.
Blame the corporations who turned jobs over to machines and foreigners.
And the department favors foreigners for the permits, he says, because the law requires them to pay higher fees.
But it will crack down on those who employ unskilled or semi-skilled foreigners.
It has raised the fees for foreigners' work permits.
He also said some victims appeared to be foreigners.
It is insecure and violent, with travel by foreigners under armed guard and limited to a few well-defended enclaves.
Politicians and the media invoke the certainty of social instability should the number of foreigners rise.
Foreigners were happy to accept, because foreigners themselves ran the custom house.
If foreigners are to store their wealth in yuan, they will need financial instruments that are safe, stable and easily sold.
Second, they underestimate the benefits of interactions with foreigners: they have an anti-foreign bias.
Barbarians were in awe of the empire and rapacious foreigners had not yet begun hammering at the door.
It is preparing to let foreigners buy property in tourist zones.
It is an unpatriotic sell-out to foreigners, cry many.
But there are more than one factor in stimulating the economy other than currency bought by foreigners to trade domestic goods.
Speculative demand from foreigners, reckon some, accounts for half the deals in the city.
It is still struggling to define its development in a way that will keep foreigners happy.
Even getting anywhere near the remote launch site is normally tricky for foreigners.
It is home to many foreigners, often themselves in cross-border marriages.
Foreigners are often quick to dismiss this argument.
Not only does that reduce revenue, it also weakens the incentive to improve technology and lets those foreigners get ahead.
Parts of the plateau have been periodically closed to foreigners.
He bars foreigners and does everything he can to keep out of print.
Other foreigners may own a limited-size plot of land but only after obtaining the approval of five different district offices.
Increases in the deficit on goods and in net unilateral current transfers to foreigners were partly offsetting.
Excessive borrowing from foreigners can increase interest rates, cause unwanted currency appreciation, and reduce exports.

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