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Although they could not read or write, they knew the forest with its flora and fauna better than any foreigner.
Being that you're a foreigner, you should obey any and all discernable local traffic laws.
If a foreigner clings to the original spelling of his name he must usually expect to hear it mispronounced.
As a foreigner, they made me pay the whole year in advance.
The government also worried that a foreigner might hike in a remote area and get injured, creating bad press.
The last great burst of creativity came in the early sixties, again at the instigation of a foreigner.
As a foreigner, and a kind of amateur scholar, he sees in art works what professional academics and natives do not.
While you hear the odd story of a foreigner getting ripped off, drivers are by and large conscientious.
They'll haggle a price so you aren't flagged a rich foreigner who accepts the wrong price.
It takes several attempts to find a restaurant that will even take an unguided foreigner.
And devaluation guarantees that no foreigner will ever lend you money in your own currency.
Nothing marks you out as a foreigner more than publicly discovering something every three-year-old knows.
She taught in a primary school and said this was one of her first times speaking with a foreigner.
Any foreigner leaving the conference site was followed by security agents.
Naturalization is a grant of the full legal rights and privileges of a native-born individual to a non-native foreigner.
The foreigner drew another perpendicular line, dividing the circle into quarters.
Everybody stopped to look at the strange foreigner waiting for what was to come next, but there was nothing.
The best way to avoid any incident is to be aware of your surroundings and keep in mind that you are a target as a foreigner.

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