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Example sentences for foreign aid

As floodwaters recede, thousands remain without food or shelter-though foreign aid is on its way.
It is up to any country to decide how much and what kind of foreign aid to give.
Foreign aid organizations don't operate out here unless they use local staff.
Those are some of the challenges of making foreign aid effective, and they can stand for many other examples.
Plans, strategies, and frameworks are favored activities in foreign aid-this is what aid bureaucracy does.
Unsurprisingly, foreign aid has once again become a political football in this year's primary season.
But when you ask them what they want to cut, the only program there is strong support for cutting is foreign aid.
Little in the way of pledged foreign aid, for example, ever manages to come through.
The results of foreign aid are too slow to satisfy the mind dominated by a sense of crisis.
The record of foreign aid in advancing economic development and reducing poverty in the poorest countries has been weak.
Half the budget was provided by foreign aid before the earthquake.
The new thinking is that foreign aid may involve a resource curse as well.
Foreign aid is supposed to be dedicated to achieving various generous public-minded goals abroad.
And you go to zero with foreign aid for all of those countries.
Foreign aid comprises a tiny fraction of the budget.
Hundreds of foreign aid workers have been denied visas and blocked from visiting the stricken areas.
The memorandum outlines the deficiencies of the foreign aid programs and conceptual requirements for a new program.
People who favor foreign aid will always say that it is only about one percent of our budget.
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