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Even allowing for the punctured forehead, his corpse looked old and tired.
If you get to know your host's children, don't kiss them goodbye on the forehead: that's for corpses.
Sometimes reading this blog makes me want to pound my forehead on my desk.
From his portrait, he had a high forehead and a curiously dashing little mustache.
He pressed the gun onto my forehead and the gun clicked.
She had a red bandanna tied around her forehead, and he somehow found this appealing.
His hair too was shock-white and lank on his forehead.
Leroy put the sight right on his old friend's forehead when she made a turn toward him, and tried to pull the trigger.
She smoothed his thin hair back, rubbing his forehead.
She is round-faced and paunchy, with dark hair cut straight across her forehead and straight around her collar.
Now he walked with a limp, and his forehead bore a vertical scar.
At the same time, tilt the head by pushing down on the forehead with the other hand.
He tossed aside the gray thatch of hair hanging over his forehead and began firing on all cylinders.
Near-infrared technology may someday employ an undetectable spot of light on your forehead.
Then the chimp was anesthetized and its forehead marked with paint.
The patient arrived in the emergency room with tie askew, forehead clammy, fist pressed into his breastbone.
From fingers to elbows to chin to forehead, different regions of our skin are dominated by different combinations of species.
She raised her eyebrows a few millimeters, not even enough to wrinkle her forehead.
We also demonstrated monitoring of heartbeats, muscle contractions in the forearm, and brain activity in the forehead.
Huge yellow eyes stare straight out from a wide forehead.
It's all talk and not a single gun to anyone's forehead.
He had the right bearing, the right stature, the right forehead.
The nose is an unbroken prow from the forehead, unswerving as that of the discus-thrower.
The delicacy with which her arms fold out and in, curl upward, and brush across her forehead seem to delight her.
To accomplish this, the subject puts his forehead and temples into a kind of u-shaped iron bar, which grips them firmly.
He has deep cuts above his right ear and dark linear scars on his forehead.
He had zit cream on his forehead and white high-tops.
These spindly etchings depict the brain as if seen through the base of the head, with the forehead on the bottom.
One brain area in question resides about an inch behind your forehead.
Then he slumped into a sofa, pressing his fists against his forehead.
He has a prominent forehead and a fine mouth and chin.
It's her-look especially at the vertical vein that pops out in the middle of her forehead whenever her blood pressure goes up.
It communes with them, cutting them off at mid-body, sometimes in mid-forehead.
He walked over to a wall and began beating his forehead against it, dozens of times.
She puts her hand on your forehead and holds it there.
The two little fleshy horns on his forehead didn't make him especially interesting.
Some strands even ventured down his forehead, which is strictly verboten.
He crumpled it and held it to the middle of his forehead.
Perhaps at his birth he had sprung already perfect from his father's forehead.
The specimen consists of a mostly complete skull with a bony crest on its forehead, and a partial skeleton.
Crown merges with forehead and bill in a smooth line.
Both the forehead and eyebrows are bright golden yellow.
Also present were clearly defined fingernail scratch marks on her forehead.
Duller red confined in varying amounts to forehead and chin.
On the forehead is the royal cobra of inlaid bronze and gold.
No matter that the guy was wearing a red-and-white dress and had a feather poking out of his forehead.
Some say it wears a hat to hide its blowhole and its bulbous forehead.
With one hand he held his concentrated forehead-as if nursing a headache.
Omanis dab a drop on a forehead to relieve a headache, or even drink the floral liquid to cure a stomachache.
Until she wipes the sweat from her forehead with the back of her hand.
Also has holes for your eyes, mouth and nose as well as the teams logo proudly placed on forehead of mask.
His feet slipped, and he could feel sweat pouring from his forehead into the corners of his eyes, making them sting.
Thayer added a forehead pad and chin rest to his design of the catcher's mask to help absorb the impact of the ball.
When he concentrates, he wrinkles only half his forehead.
She then injects her forehead and the areas around her eyes.
They will place earphones on the jaw and the dolphin's forehead.
He points high up on his forehead to his hairline, indicating where the transplants are.
He reminds me of the kind of guy in college who'd flatten a beer can against his forehead after he finished it.
Her dark hair was brushed back high off her forehead and crowned with a chic white-flowered hat and veil.
The eight-year-old suffered a sprained, possibly fractured arm, and his brother got a bruise on the forehead.

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