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In the blue distance life goes on as usual, though the foreground swells with scenes of excruciating woe and mild acceptance.
My interest at the moment is in the foreground material.
Four cranes block out the skyline, but the foreground is row upon row of boarded-up houses and shuttered storefronts.
The foreground galaxy, seen with a core of bright white, is about ten times smaller.
In some cases the foreground and the background are different locations.
Also the brush in the foreground adds to the composition of this western capture.
Plants see-through quality makes it suited for foreground as well as back of border.
The same channel-fill feature is exposed again on the cliff in the foreground.
Foreground the art of science and the aesthetics of the museum.
What he is trying to do is to alert the reader to dangers other than those in the immediate foreground.
Debris in the foreground marks where another home once stood.
It seems that all these emotions are related to survival, and are foreground emotions, rather than background.
The flat foreground will be for the nose, mouth, chin and jaw.
The problem is sometimes with parts of their backgrounds that they try to bring into their scientific foreground.
Footprints in the thin layer of ash are visible in the foreground.
Plants see-through quality makes it suited for foreground as more add to my plant list enlarge.
Tsiolkovsky crater is the prominent feature in the foreground.
But there had been a long foreground to that success.
That's a fire pit in the foreground and herbs in the planting areas.
Instead, lesser details creep to the foreground and provide character and uniqueness.
Useful as ground cover, bank planting and foreground shrub.
In the foreground are what were thought to be the skulls of the deposed czar and czarina.
In this case, the wildflowers in the foreground were what really caught my eye.
Effective in rock garden, container, or as foreground plant more add to my plant list.
One of the bomber's two hound dog missiles is shown in the foreground.
It softens the foreground in an almost imperceptible way.
His raised lawn edits out the cluttered view in the foreground and emphasizes the river and the wooded hills beyond.
The big bonus was the way combining a close foreground with distant objects gave a great sense of depth to the picture.
Effective in rock garden, container, or as foreground plant add to my plant list.
Set your foreground color to white and start painting into the mask in the places where the tourists are standing.
Notice how the photographer used the sweep of the vineyard in the foreground to take our eyes to the town.
Good in containers, foreground of borders add to my plant list.
However, if your foreground subject is sharply and cleanly set out from the background, the task is somewhat easier.
He'd collect the blind river fish with a net and put them in the plastic dish in the foreground.
Blocks of shape and color-yellow trees in the foreground shadowed forest, and white mountain-give this image impact and depth.
Sen's incisive thinking and seat-of-the-pants directorial style come to the foreground.
And those foreground objects have also changed and moved.
Firmly planted at the center of this disarray, it is a foreground building that behaves as if it were a background building.
So you throw ten people in a bus, of which three or four really have foreground roles.
The wind-eroded snow ridges in the foreground are called sastrugi.
Using a sharp tool, he scratched away parts of the figured backgrounds to make the dancers stand out in the foreground.
See what it can do by stepping in closer and placing something in the foreground.
We don't want final images where the foreground was shot at noon and the sky at sunset.
The light is coming from the right and slightly behind the couple, the squirrel, and the rocks in the foreground.
In it, he places two goldeneye ducks so prominently in the foreground that they threaten to swarm into the viewer's face.
The field in the foreground has a wild uncultivated appearance as if it had been allowed to remain fallow the preceding summer.
Historians record that humans had to learn to look at the landscape, instead of trying to focus on the foreground.
Westerners tended to recall the dominant foreground image.
What's more, there are hardly any other concerns occupying the foreground.
But these glorious backdrops are let down by the uneven antics in the foreground.
In the foreground are motors used to simulate wind turbines.
Devices already use this standard and they can work with it even when an app isn't open in the foreground.
Hanson brought to the foreground issues of race that had been boiling away for years.
Low-hanging moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects.
Have students look at this picture of a wildebeest herd with zebras in the foreground.
Experiment by choosing objects in the foreground, or background, to keep sharp.
Patients peer from rooms with giant doorknobs looming large in the foreground.
But when it comes to the attrition of power, there is always some egregious failing that fills the foreground.
On a table in the foreground sits a large box with a small viewing screen and about two dozen dials and switches.

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