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Example sentences for foregone conclusion

The electoral-vote result in ninety per cent of the country would still be a foregone conclusion, no matter how close the race.
But let me quickly add that success was never a foregone conclusion.
But their ascension was hardly a foregone conclusion: no other mammal has conquered the air.
The presence of a designer is not a foregone conclusion.
It would seem to me that human-induced global-warming is a foregone conclusion.
But a risk factor is not the same thing as a foregone conclusion.
My feeling is that color prejudice in country as segregated as ours has to be somewhat of a foregone conclusion.
Furthermore, it's not a foregone conclusion that they are salmon fishing.
The result of his trial, therefore, could hardly have been other than a foregone conclusion.
Having said that, it is not a foregone conclusion these are long term trends or even trends at all.
Their fate, thanks to global warming, has long been a foregone conclusion.
It is a foregone conclusion that ebooks will go mainstream, sooner or later.
And when a new species starts to emerge, its integrity is not a foregone conclusion.
For a science blog writer to pretend that planetary colonization is a foregone conclusion is irrational and irresponsible.
Observation is so much more interesting than foregone conclusion.
They have a foregone conclusion and they pay people to advance it.
The contrast between the elaborate formal guarantees of fair procedure and the foregone conclusion is a telling one.
Such an outcome would hardly be a foregone conclusion.
Well, it should not spoil the picture for you to be told that he eventually does, since that is a foregone conclusion.
The odds were ludicrously bad, the outcome a foregone conclusion.
Once the fighting began, the result was a foregone conclusion.
The outcome was a foregone conclusion, and the sentence of five years' imprisonment at best academic.
At the moment, many don't bother to vote, as the result in the general election is a foregone conclusion.
If the result seems a foregone conclusion, people switch off.
But the result is by no means a foregone conclusion.
Only recently the mayor's re-election seemed a foregone conclusion.
And yet in large swathes of the country the result is a foregone conclusion.
By the same token, it is foolish to complain this time round about the campaign being dull and the result a foregone conclusion.
These were not empty protections and the outcome was not a foregone conclusion.
Much is made of the subdued mood on election day and the apathy felt by many voters towards what seemed a foregone conclusion.
Because all the main opposition parties had boycotted the poll, this was a foregone conclusion.
Indeed, no-one would ever bother going to court as the outcome would be a foregone conclusion.
For some, the need to share information is a foregone conclusion.
Although its extinction has been treated as a foregone conclusion, this hasn't happened yet.
Designing environmentally friendly, energy-efficient features in new construction seems a foregone conclusion.
It is not a foregone conclusion that these systems should be implemented.
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