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But their ascension was hardly a foregone conclusion: no other mammal has conquered the air.
Long viewed as a stately procession to a foregone conclusion, planetary formation turns out to be startlingly chaotic.
Deniers, on the other hand, interpret that same evidence only as it might support their foregone conclusions.
It would seem to me that human-induced global-warming is a foregone conclusion.
The presence of a designer is not a foregone conclusion.
Payback period on solar panels drops dramatically when foregone gasoline purchases are taken into account.
But a risk factor is not the same thing as a foregone conclusion.
One intervention chosen doesn't make hypocrisy of all the others foregone.
The electoral-vote result in ninety per cent of the country would still be a foregone conclusion, no matter how close the race.
Their fate, thanks to global warming, has long been a foregone conclusion.
Some interviews are foregone conclusions with an inside candidate.
It is a foregone conclusion that ebooks will go mainstream, sooner or later.
Neither the mechanical theory, nor the psychology, is an afterthought introduced to bolster up a foregone political conclusion.
Their results aren't supposed to be foregone conclusions.
Furthermore, it's not a foregone conclusion that they are salmon fishing.
But streaming sites usually pay back money to the music industry, even if it's not enough to make up for the foregone album sales.
The result of his trial, therefore, could hardly have been other than a foregone conclusion.
My feeling is that color prejudice in country as segregated as ours has to be somewhat of a foregone conclusion.
Having said that, it is not a foregone conclusion these are long term trends or even trends at all.
The answer to this question is not so foregone as it ought to be.
The contrast between the elaborate formal guarantees of fair procedure and the foregone conclusion is a telling one.
But they also convey a certain weariness as of foregone actions and feelings.
Such an outcome would hardly be a foregone conclusion.
They have foregone huge corporate salaries, and work for you and the betterment of your children's lives.
For a science blog writer to pretend that planetary colonization is a foregone conclusion is irrational and irresponsible.
Observation is so much more interesting than foregone conclusion.
Financial capital is little more than foregone consumption.
And when a new species starts to emerge, its integrity is not a foregone conclusion.
They have a foregone conclusion and they pay people to advance it.
Only recently the mayor's re-election seemed a foregone conclusion.
The outcome was a foregone conclusion, and the sentence of five years' imprisonment at best academic.
At the moment, many don't bother to vote, as the result in the general election is a foregone conclusion.
Because all the main opposition parties had boycotted the poll, this was a foregone conclusion.
And yet in large swathes of the country the result is a foregone conclusion.
If the result seems a foregone conclusion, people switch off.
Time is consumption, and wasted time is foregone consumption.
And then there is the opportunity cost of the additional years in terms of foregone salary and career advancement.
But the result is by no means a foregone conclusion.
Much is made of the subdued mood on election day and the apathy felt by many voters towards what seemed a foregone conclusion.
The odds were ludicrously bad, the outcome a foregone conclusion.
Once the fighting began, the result was a foregone conclusion.
Expenditures do not include any amounts that merely represent avoided costs or foregone revenue.
The cost of education borne by the student consists not only of tuition and living expenses but also of foregone earnings.
For the nation's seniors, poor health should not be a foregone consequence of aging.
Foregone energy generation may be replaced with spot market purchases plus transmission costs.
Foregone economic returns are embodied in the marginal benefits to conversion, introduced next.

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