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Example sentences for forego

Our inability to forego these rewarding aspects of food intake override long-term homeostatic control, contributing to obesity.
Forego the tradition and cook the stuffing outside of the bird.
However, he has decided to forego anonymity and will be chronicling his search for a tenure-track job this academic year.
Inflation expectations are implied by the extra return investors demand to forego protection against future price increases.
So from the start it values the willingness to forego evidence and rational thinking.
Or alternatively forego the luxury of children altogether.
Once hooked they rarely, if ever, willingly forego it.
Essentially, too many people forego the ounce of prevention gambling that they won't need the pound of cure.
The consumer still has the option to forego operating an automobile and thus legally avoid the cost of auto insurance.
It is the true specialty of the region, and one no discerning visitor should forego.
Those who know me realize that it was quite an effort to forego that response.
Even if blacks could sell their songs, they have to forego authorship and royalties.
But for those willing to forego beachfront views and sleek design, there are a few options.
The merchant will be unable to help the villager and also not forego his commission.
US will have to forego its worldwide military role while keeping its deterrent role.
If you forego this option, quick charging would not be possible without taking a toll on power drain of locality.
But nowhere in her book does she imply that backward regions should forego trade with advanced regions.
Forego the gracious pressure of a hand, for which others cringe and crawl.
Nobody need forego the inestimable delights of biography from fear of being the dupe of some devious biographer.
Demand has overshot because borrowers have taken up the goods savers have earned but chosen to forego for the time being.
The happy news is you don't have to forego desserts to enjoy good health.
And some say the couple may forego a fancy honeymoon for the moment.
There is potential for saving money on the hotel room rate if you are willing to forego points and stay credit.
These devices will help kids who often forego testing because of the unpleasantness of the procedure.
For-profit organizations must agree to forego any profit or management fee.
The election to forego the carry back is found on the federal corporate tax return.
Taxpayers are allowed to forego the carryback period, and the taxpayer has a choice of two methods for making the election.
Buying a long-term care policy should not cause financial hardship and make you forego other financial needs.

Famous quotes containing the word forego

What is it to grow old? Is it to lose the glory of the form, The luster of the eye? Is it for beauty to foregomore
Ah, the truth, what a thing it is! I sacrifice so much for it, with people: I forego, for truth's sake, dis... more
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