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Example sentences for forefront

Newspapers remain at the forefront of defending and promoting press freedom around the world.
K-G brings to the forefront nothing less than authenticity.
Universities have been at the forefront of this expansion.
The election cements their place at the forefront of the country's politics for the foreseeable future.
The story of where modern humans came from has never been cut-and-dried, but two theories occupy the forefront of the debate.
Now she finds herself at the forefront of a major shift in mainstream science.
Gross was in the forefront of the drive for equal rights and improved working conditions for workers.
In this way, the agent works for students to ensure their best interests are in the forefront.
Such epigenetic therapy is now at the forefront of cancer treatment.
He is at the forefront of the humanitarian revolution.
But they represent a new forefront in the field of artificial intelligence.
Education is not only responding to the trend, it's at the forefront.
But technologies at the forefront take time to build and develop, and nature rarely reveals its secrets willingly.
Not all first flights of an aircraft are at the forefront of technology.
And with volcanoes punctuating their island moonscape, they are at the forefront of geothermal science.
But, in general, when you are designing an experiment you must have to keep that at the forefront of your mind at all times.
It also stood at the forefront of caring for the war wounded.
The finance department is exceptional and is frequently at the forefront of knowledge of the latest techniques and concepts.
DuPont has become a partner to keep at the forefront of protective gear.
The electronics industry is at the forefront of this trend.
Science is also at the forefront of innovation in many other spheres.
Family planning must be at the forefront of our agenda domestically as well as internationally.
But to be on the forefront these days you need a lighthouse or windmill, a barn or a campanile.
As his campaign rhetoric goes farther into the rear view mirror and his radicalization comes to the forefront.
Dermatologists are also at the forefront of volunteerism and research.
They haven't published any articles in learned journals, and they don't claim to be in the forefront of hippo ethology.
Icebreaker puts style at the forefront with a sharp silhouette, contoured fit, and articulated sleeves.
Military research is at the forefront of this work, much of it focused on drugs.
For these reasons and others, financial risk management is likely to come to the forefront of strategies for poverty reduction.
Therefore, those that are at the forefront of atom smashing will be the first to see this as a recordable event.
He can't square that statement with the fact that utilities have been at the forefront of encouraging energy efficiency for years.
In many parts of the world, cities are on the forefront of preparing for a climate-changed future.
Today, gun violence has bought this long- standing debate to the forefront of our national discourse.
The ideal bullpen handcuff situation has two pitchers at the forefront of a shaky pen.
The station has already caught the eye of automakers on the forefront of modern electric cars.
The firm is at the forefront of technology in its industry.
Gradually, however, their struggle has moved from the background to the forefront of the world's attention.
They will benefit from being at the forefront of this process, and will be the first to shape business accordingly.
These risks are at the forefront of the market's concerns.
Perhaps more telling is that despite being at the forefront of technology, nobody cites technology as a tool for thinking better.
Energy policy is at the forefront of every debate in almost every country right now.
He's been at the forefront of the genre since its inception.
Every country wants to be at the forefront of something.
Fire discipline was extremely important in the forefront of our minds.
But you've been at the forefront of political struggle for decades.

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