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The bone is in the mid-tarsal region, where the heel bone and forefoot meet.
Running barefoot is good for learning forefoot landing.
In addition to the obvious muscular development, running barefoot also promotes landing forefoot first, rather than on the heel.
Running with a forefoot strike conserves your forward momentum, which translates into faster race times with less effort.
If you're a runner, start striking with your forefoot.
It usually takes time for me to fall into a more forefoot-centric strike, but these guys make it happen right away.
The key to adopting a barefoot running technique is training yourself to land on your forefoot instead of your heel.
The shoe's stiff heel provides good support, while the sole's forefoot flexes easily for walking comfort.
Forefoot pain refers to pain and discomfort felt toward the top of the foot.
The rate of forefoot pain and deformity increases with age.
For instance, a running shoe should especially cushion the forefoot, while tennis shoes should emphasize ankle support.
Many of the forefoot strikers were felled by injuries.
Toes and forefoot bones should not be stuffed into the shoe.
But barefoot runners more often land on the forefoot, near the base of the toes.
They are never found above the level of the knee or in the forefoot, and may occur singly or in multiples.
The forefoot section of the shoe's sole includes four small rubber blocks that move up and down relative to the rest of the shoe.

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