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Example sentences for forefinger

The mbira is typically played with the two thumbs stroking down and the right forefinger stroking up.
The strings are plucked with thumb and forefinger only and the playing has a maniacal start-and-stop quality.
Held up at arm's length, your forefinger blocks out more than half a degree, enough to obscure the half-degree moon.
Corporate profits are pinched between the forefinger of a strong yen and the thumb of higher energy prices.
The militants, it was rumoured, meant to cut off the inky forefinger of anyone thus marked as having disobeyed their injunction.
Use your thumb and forefinger to push the seeds out of each of the wedges.
They reported such sensations as a tingle in the left forefinger, seeing a blue flash, and hearing a low-pitched hum.
He sits on the side of the bed next to me and applies his fingers to a spot between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.
The pustule on the forefinger shews the disease in an earlier stage.
Fold the monofilament line over and pinch the resulting loop between your thumb and forefinger.
Fold the line over itself to form a loop and hold the loop between your thumb and forefinger.
He's a paunchy fellow with an emphatic way jamming the air with his forefinger and shouting his speech.
He suddenly swivels, points a long forefinger at a stack of papers in the center of his neat desk.
The fatherless bride wears an ivory gown and, on her right forefinger, her father's wedding ring.
To make the signal for the new euro contract, traders form thumb and forefinger in a circle.
Open your thumb and forefinger on the screen to expand the view.
Wrap the filter membrane tightly around the cylinder with the clay film up and held firmly with the thumb and forefinger.
Hold a coin by its edges, between the thumb and forefinger.
Allow the ribbon to emerge and extend over the forefinger, breaking from its own weight.
She has a cross burned into her right hand between her thumb and forefinger.
Gently squeeze your nose between your thumb and forefinger for several minutes to help stop a nosebleed.
Stretch taut the selected area of skin between the thumb and forefinger.

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