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New college-affiliated retirement communities are learning from their forebears.
He thinks it might be time to evaluate these modern intellectuals on the same bases that they enjoyed evaluating their forebears.
It did teach me history, which contained a chronology of racism endured by my forebears.
Claims that the new technological toys are less compelling and less interactive than their humble forebears.
The creature is believed to be a giant bipedal ape that could provide a link between humans and their forebears.
The two scientists have found fossil evidence that back trouble likely plagued our bipedal forebears.
The novel orchid might evolve in genetic isolation from its forebears-a prerequisite for creating a new species.
Both my life and my forebears' seem fairly steeped in tea.
Of course, no one knows whether scavenging reaped enough caloric and nutritional returns to make it worthwhile for our forebears.
Today's biological theories of violence are far more sophisticated than their forebears.
New fossils have revealed a species that is helping to connect the dots between bats and their nonflying forebears.
It's true that our forebears could never agree when the cycle should begin.
Though they are cave visitors, not dwellers, they draw upon the same reservoirs of fearlessness that served ancient forebears.
There has for some time been a healthy trade in mechanical calculators, the computer's forebears.
Understandably: the forebears of today's toffs trod the same path themselves not long ago.
Soft radios have several advantages over their hardwired forebears.
Farmers are now asking whether much of the outback that supported their forebears can still sustain them.
Having eschewed their dubious forebears, archaeologists reinvented themselves as respectable scientists in search of truth.
Today's start-up managers also claim to be more efficient and effective than their forebears.
That's a basic rule what our forebears obeyed even thousands of years ago.
There were legitimate reasons for the emphasis our forebears placed on local responsibility.
Our pioneer forebears adapted to the difficult challenges of this climate with the help of neighbors.

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We were here before the mighty words of the Declaration of Independence were etched across the pages of history. Our more
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