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It is irresponsible guardianship on the part of many parents to forcibly compel their children's views in line with their own.
Unless some humane method of reducing the population can be found, nature will forcibly reduce it, inhumanely.
What that means is forcibly taking money from those with more to support those with less.
Only after typing in a category name are you forcibly advanced to choose a color for that category and an icon.
No one is suggesting that their children be taken away or that they are forcibly sterilized.
Chimpanzees forcibly jabbed tools into hollow trunks or branches multiple times and smelled and/or licked them upon extraction.
When a subordinate goby approaches the size of a dominant, it risks being forcibly evicted from the social group.
During floods, the water forcibly wedged boulders in there, making the way forward exceedingly arduous.
People of different races may be voluntarily or forcibly segregated into different neighborhoods.
Many people were forcibly removed from their island homes.
The mobile web is forcibly separating creators from containers.
Others end as consulting contracts or dropped lawsuits or forcibly improved design.
Since the rat would be forcibly moved along with the car, measuring its real intentions became a challenging problem.
If it was on private property, of course the government couldn't forcibly remove the decorations.
The prominence given to the church seems to have appealed forcibly to the historian.
The enormity of what he had suffered could not have been more forcibly demonstrated.
It is a grim allegory of human life largely conceived and forcibly wrought.
One can be awakened by a dream, one frequently has a dream when he wakes spontaneously or is forcibly awakened from sleep.
Or they are forcibly persecuted as a menace to the public peace.
The kind of catastrophe is exactly that which is sure to strike, and strike forcibly, the minds of common persons.
On the one hand, he showed that both political and social subjects could be treated forcibly without deliberate grossness.
Most end up being chased away by the developers' thugs or forcibly removed by police.
Oil refineries began to reopen and oil depots were forcibly unblocked on government orders.
In short, the children are forcibly well rounded on paper.
Many groups were indeed forcibly broken up by the government, or allowed to fail under their weight of debt.
But it is a dangerous game to forcibly insert morality or ideas of social value into a capitalist society.
He was twice detained and forcibly returned to his home by police.
After negotiations broke down, authorities forcibly retook the facility, using tear gas and live ammunition.
The movement is also looking to social media to expand its voice and fill the void if the encampments are forcibly evacuated.
The charge: forcibly taking the pants off an elderly solicitor.
One of the things that forcibly hospitalizing people does is deter them from seeking help in the future.
She doesn't allege she was kidnapped, or that the liquor was forcibly poured down her throat.
She argues that the evidence is insufficient to prove that she forcibly resisted.
Forcibly detained or interned in the line of duty by a foreign government or power.

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