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If the government's concern was truly the safety of it's people, it could have done the same forcible relocations sans dam.
Occasionally, forcible sedation was needed to keep the patient from backing out at the last minute.
To our knowledge it was never a forcible situation-it was more an exploration.
Real wars, the forcible defense of our nation and the pursuit of our interests, are to be avoided.
He didn't defend the forcible implementation of democracy, but he did defend good government and civil society in all countries.
First of all, the government should not be taking forcible loans from its citizens.
Thou hast frighted the word out of his right sense, so forcible is thy wit.
The habitual use of the active voice, however, makes for forcible writing.
All that can be said of her heroic verse is that it is generally fluent, often lively and sometimes forcible.
He was not without qualifications for the task, being both fecund in ideas and forcible in their expression.
There are likewise internal causes equally forcible.
In the past, party leaders have advocated forcible repatriation of immigrants.
When they need police to keep the peace you know this is forcible confinement.
The solution seems to be a forcible removal of the conflict of interests by splitting the bank into components.

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