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Likewise, in a geyser, the steam needs a place to go and presses the water forcefully upwards until it bursts out of the ground.
Researchers are pros at using laser beams to forcefully stop atoms in their tracks.
He also began vomiting forcefully at around three weeks.
Few scenes grab our attention more forcefully than those where the familiar sits jarringly against the uncomfortably alien.
Say you work on a mouse colony, and in each generation you forcefully induce a small, but defined genetic change.
Ignorance is not a form of knowing things, as you so forcefully demonstrate.
It is critical that administrators act swiftly and forcefully when dealing with aggressive student behavior.
Never the type to hold back, academics have forcefully voiced their feelings about the regulations.
The smaller bumps would be produced later and so a little less forcefully than the bigger ones.
He was shaking his head as forcefully as he could against the weight of the water.
And an appropriately weighty end to a movie that begins so forcefully.
Tensions between the speaker's competing allegiances register forcefully.
He set out a good economic plan, and he did it forcefully.
Cash-strapped consumers in depreciating houses might respond more forcefully to tax cuts than lower interest rates.
Transparency is important, as the accounting scandals show so forcefully.
No matter how forcefully the police break one strike, the natives go on strike somewhere else.
Over the past twenty years he has turned more forcefully toward advocacy.
Couldn't even forcefully encourage him not to dilly-dally in the pocket.
Euro-zone leaders may finally be grasping the need to act more forcefully.
He has galvanised other mayors into speaking out more forcefully.
The more forcefully the string is plucked, the more sharply it snaps back.
If they do not move fast enough, regulators may yet have to intervene more forcefully.
The firm negotiates forcefully with the country's notoriously inflexible labour unions.
The army, under a newish chief of staff, reacted forcefully.
But the economic case needs to be made more forcefully.
Cash-strapped consumers in depreciating houses might respond more forcefully to tax cuts than lower interest rates.
Since the end of military rule, communal violence has increased, perhaps because the police no longer suppress it so forcefully.
Today, in its quarterly review, the bank raised rates more forcefully than expected as it continues to try to tamp down inflation.
Some readers will enjoy exploring its corners, but the web element is neither necessary nor forcefully recommended.
The two preachers who spoke at the inauguration put it more forcefully.
My thinking is clearly and forcefully set forth in my many posts on this thread.
The rebels have at times gained and held territory, but only briefly before loyalists forcefully pushed back.
They rapidly boil away what little water they contain, releasing steam and other gases forcefully from underground.
It should beat faster and more forcefully, causing more blood to circulate through the body.
If the nylon ratchets are broken, the headrest can forcefully collapse trapping and injuring fingers.
The two ventricles are thick-walled chambers that forcefully pump blood out of the heart.
The maximal amount of air forcefully exhaled after a normal inspiration and expiration.
It may have gotten it's name partially from the seeds, which are forcefully ejected from it's seed capsules when they are mature.

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