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Then she was forced to put on the red-hot shoes, and dance until she dropped down dead.
In addition, breastplates forced quick, shallow breaths.
Now they're forced to stay on land or follow the ice farther north, where there's less to eat.
The immense online social network was forced to turn itself off in order to resolve the problem.
People can either choose to move or be forced to move.
So they're forced to buy all new seed from the company.
For a real disruption in the textbook market, students may have to be forced to change.
The resulting spray shorted out electronics and forced an automatic shutdown of the nuclear reactor.
Remember that many holiday plants are forced into bloom and will revert to their natural cycles after their winter flowering.
Residents in towns along drug trafficking routes have been forced out by cartels, leaving them abandoned.
As a result, hunters may be forced to pursue their quarry in the water as well as on ice.
It forced everyone who thinks about it to be clearer about what they mean when they talk about race.
Even without the forced perspective, it was the size of one of those toy bats that kids use for whiffle ball.
The resulting reduction in pressure in the rift allows magma to be forced upward by the weight of the overlying crust and mantle.
As development and farming expanded, more elephants were forced off their natural habitat and into parks.
Air was blown into the converter through a number of small channels and forced through the liquid to remove the impurities.
She and her family were forced to go and stay with relatives.
The earliest arrivals probably had no choice-overcrowding elsewhere may have forced them into this forbidding environment.
It's only when the insects are forced to crowd together that they take on a swarm mentality.
Yes they produce many intelligent people, but these are forced to leave the country.
On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that the crisis forced the industry as a whole to batten down the hatches.
He was then forced to go into hiding for three years.
The movie resumes and portrays its likable characters forced into ugly choices.
He should have been allowed to speak and forced to defend his views.
Fear of domestic financial problems is why, in the end, many countries with overvalued exchange rates are forced to devalue.
The struggle has forced many to self-censor the information they provide to their subscribers.
Children, barely at the stage of walking, were not spared forced labor or punishment.
He was forced to return to high school, graduating the following year.
But being denied tenure forced me to reimagine and redefine my career and my ideas of success and happiness.
But if it loses control over the separatists, it may be forced to walk the path to peace.
Treacherous conditions ultimately forced him to abandon his expedition and await rescue.
However, some migrations are forced and involuntary.
To make it foam, draught stout is forced through a special plate.
As its phosphate reserves diminish, the island has been forced to rely on a reserve trust.
Nations, large and small, have been forced to modify and delay their plans.
But if you are forced into doing so, choose a date so far in the future that you will not be around to be proved wrong.
The weight of all of that ice forced the mantle rocks to ooze slowly sideways.
And if these runners are forced to stop, they can show signs of depression.
Teachers are forced to teach to the test, not to the skills.
At one point, a snowman is dragged into a studio and forced to pose with kittens-while not violent, it was certainly humiliating.
Less had become more as a great actor was forced back on the essential tools of his art.
Subsidence has forced relocations of villages and roads-then re-relocations, as fire fronts advance.
It forced socialization and was easier for the cooks.
Nobody forced him to invade people's privacy or sell the war.
Then, shoving them into close proximity forced them to trade ideas, recognizing each others' blind spots.
Even more striking, the same results were found when healthy right-handed subjects were forced to become lefties.
Some years afterward a warming trend forced it into retreat.
Settling down also meant that our ancestors were forced into contact with more people in a smaller area.
But when a joint moves, the tendon's position with respect to the joint is forced to change.
The word limit forced me to use this often-used short-hand to explain the concept of breeding.
If you cap dividends, shareholders will be forced to reinvest the surplus capital in the same company.
Inside the euro zone, no one can be forced to devalue because no one has a currency to mark down.
But those who don't are forced to program their their own into oblivion.
It was only a matter of time before the government was forced to launch its largest-ever financial rescue.
The earlier price surge had erased the profit margins of many and forced some to suspend production or close entirely.
Fourth, hedge funds were big players in the dividend-swap market and were forced to cut all their positions last autumn.
Bus routes have been set up and kamikaze motorcycle-taxi riders forced to wear helmets.
Heavier regulation will weigh on the business sector and governments will be forced to tighten fiscal policy.
If the greenback then rises, investors are forced to buy the dollar, pushing the currency up even further.
However, officialdom's hand may soon be forced here, too.
Corruption scandals forced out two of his ministers, with a third redeployed.
They also say instructors aren't paid enough and are forced to take on second jobs.
Several students tried to run through the wall of arms but were forced to the ground.
On the contrary, it had forced them to labor harder than ever.
They are forced to learn about new things that don't interest them nearly as much.
When forced to disconnect for longer stretches of time, some students discover that they enjoy the slower pace of life.
Now the conditions of digital culture have unexpectedly forced a collision, scrambling the once-sure footing of both camps.
Perhaps only because its followers were forced out of their homeland by their enemies.
These reflections, arising out of the present crisis, have forced themselves too strongly on my mind to be suppressed.
In doing this there needs to be no bloodshed or violence, and there shall be none unless it be forced upon the national authority.
But an internal tax is forced from the people without their consent if not laid by their own representatives.
Another finds himself forced by necessity to borrow money.
The quake forced that project to shut down, and its sponsor had to make millions of dollars in payments for damaged buildings.
These nebulae, which are not technically related to planets, are gas clouds forced outward by a dying star.
The resort town was forced to close its airport due to the weekend eruption.
There is also the concept that you don't have to be tied to one language, or worse, be forced to learn one over another.
They were forced to adapt, to range farther in their search for food and water, to take advantage of other resources.
Forced openness in laypeople increases the relative power, and is generally bad.
As the parafoil pulls the boat, seawater would be forced through the turbine, which generates electricity.
Their names grew within us, swelled to the brink of our lips, forced our eyes open in the middle of the night.
The upper die is then gradually forced down against the ingot, and the metal flows to fill both dies and form the intended shape.
Lee would be forced to follow suit, and eventually his lines would thin out to the breaking point.
Drinking is a way of dealing with the depression that comes from forced inactivity.
Our soldiers have been forced to do police duty in combat gear, and they continue to be killed.
Heavy debt and large losses of wealth have forced spending onto a lower path.
Forty percent of current retirees were forced to stop working earlier than they had planned, the survey found.
Tuck was forced to the locker room late in the first half, but ended up missing only a few series.
Many of his stories are set in futures where societies are forced to adapt to the consequences of environmental damage.
All traffic from a certain network is forced through the proxy, allowing communications to be monitored and modified on the fly.
Not surprisingly, such forced evolution could bring almost any computing system to its knees.
He says it's crucial that behavior-logging technology not be forced on anyone.
At the time developers were forced to be creative, and with the limited power were able to achieve amazing things.
Most countries around the world are forced to control trade deficits or face currency collapse.
But something, some sudden flickering of the blood, forced him to his feet and he made his way through the gap in the wall.
His strength was in theoretical physics, but he was being forced to sit in a laboratory making thin films of beryllium.
Her skin was stuck to her ribs and her breathing was forced because of an immeasurable exhaustion.
Public hospitals are so overcrowded that people are forced to rely on inaccurate tests dispensed at private labs and clinics.
He had almost run out of fuel and was forced to break into a filling station.
Investors, then, are being forced to read the minds of policymakers-not something they're good at.
More than four million have been forced from their homes or have fled the country as refugees.
Emmet is forced to quit his newly acquired residency to join in what will in all likelihood be a dead-end search for his father.
One doctor loses his license to practice for a year and then is forced into bankruptcy when a health insurance provider sues him.
It wasn't the first time league officials were forced to make an example out of him.
It had been forced open by police, but then quickly closed.
Chase is so paranoid about leaking plot points, it's as if he's forced everyone connected with the show to take an oath of omertà.
But humans aren't the only animals to use forced perspective.
Broken relationships forced by transfers between zoos can be especially traumatic for the social and highly intelligent animals.
But this year physicists forced atoms to be bound by their mutual repulsion.
But when forced to access it consciously, you're flummoxed.
If he countersues, or threatens to, they may be forced to drop the entire suit.
Scared by this silently rising pressure of violence, he forced himself back into civilization and began treatment.
Interior will now be forced to defend the rule in court.
They're clearly driven--forced--by changes in radiation.
Perhaps the appearance of the earliest predators forced the evolution of complex body plans with built-in defenses.
The pick was forced through the eye sockets and then moved around in the frontal lobes.
Liver, kidney failure and constant joint pain forced us to have him be put to sleep.
In primates, however, forced dispersion almost never happens.
Flickering torchlights and wine forced between her lips.
They forced me to kneel and slapped me over a hundred times in the face.
Critics protest that forced ranking can be harsh and arbitrary.
Two of the intruders, she says, grabbed her and forced her to the ground.
Forced marriages are not the same as arranged marriages.
Plan ahead so that you are not forced into making major changes or decisions during that time period.
He forced her into an alley and shot her twice in the head with a shotgun.
In the final instance he's no more forced than a politician is forced into politics or a lawyer is forced into law school.
His father's gambling debts forced the family to move repeatedly, and eventually his temperamentally mismatched parents separated.
Rather, sooner or later, the necessary changes would be forced by a financial crisis.
Some ants get forced into low-status jobs and are prevented from becoming upwardly mobile by other members of the colony.
In theory, budgetary constraints have forced these measures on reluctant deans.
It isn't until he is forced to stop at a red light that he makes meaningful contact with the public.

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