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Forbidding everyone who disagrees with you from speaking is no solution to any problem.
Yet the climate for private investment is forbidding.
Such missions could even find signs of the water, and possible life, that may lie hidden beneath the planet's forbidding exterior.
Its forbidding climate and low average education levels are disincentives for private investment.
Feel free to make your own sarcastic remark about forbidding hand sanitizers in hospitals.
It is not always that school children are benefited by a rule forbidding corporal punishment.
It makes me a little nervous to hear my colleagues posting about forbidding certain types of speech.
The obstacles to fundamental change are so forbidding that leaders will always be tempted to try to muddle through.
Afar tribeswomen extract water from this forbidding landscape by building small stone towers over the geothermal vents.
There's the problem of trying to infiltrate a culture, or a subculture, that is closed and kind of forbidding.
The earliest arrivals probably had no choice-overcrowding elsewhere may have forced them into this forbidding environment.
Now the burden of proof is on physicists to prove there must be a law forbidding time travel.
The terrain is forbidding and, with the winter snows expected next month, so is the weather.
Learn more about the many attempts to conquer the forbidding terrain of the world's third largest ice sheet.
If a non-believer has no beliefs there's nothing forbidding him to do the immoral or unkind.
They try to read the wording of the initiative, but find it forbidding.
But for all of my overweening rationality, my world remained a dark, forbidding place beyond my control.
In one sense, that job looks less forbidding than the sound and fury suggests.
It was chiefly their forbidding habitat that accounted for the relative lack of research on bonobos.
In some cases, such as telecoms, the government is forbidding foreigners to buy more than a minority stake.
The distance was not as forbidding as the condition of the pathway in bad weather.
There's little enough of that in the world to risk forbidding such a possibility.
The best ones can be a little difficult, even forbidding.
Sheer scale is not all that is forbidding about the book.
To the right of the forbidding cliffs, a rocky slope tumbled past ice-clogged clefts to a harsh gravel shoreline.
They are reacting to the onslaught of change by hardening, by forbidding and enforcing, thus excluding more and more.
It was built for the seclusion of monastic life, and it still looks forbidding and unapproachable.
The address turned out to be a forbidding, semi-abandoned factory.
He's found a forbidding, yet fossil-fertile spot to conduct his search.
Follow the arc of that horseshoe and the cliffs peer over you all the way, forbidding and beckoning at once.
The idea is to give yourself a little chance, not a forbidding challenge.
It then shelled those zones repeatedly, while issuing denials that it was doing so and forbidding journalists access to the area.
Efforts are being made to raise capital, despite the forbidding environment.
He preaches total subordination, forbidding any questioning of elders and superiors.
The traditional approach-forbidding fisherman to catch more than a certain number of fish-is clearly not particularly effective.
Christine chatted and laughed, but her gaiety seemed intended to offset an encroaching, forbidding solemnity.
It was a forbidding job: the last police chief was kidnapped and decapitated.
The tense encounter in a forbidding landscape, the dark humor in the face of facts, the good chance of a painful quietus.
Programs are given rain or shine, so be prepared with an umbrella or rain coat if skies look forbidding.
Fortunately, now and for many years there have been stringent federal and state laws forbidding such practices.

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