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Try deep blue and peach, for instance, or lavender and gold.
For instance, with drainage holes added, the concrete birdbath at left makes a splendid container.
The shabby chic table opposite, for instance, is in my zip code range and seriously tempting.
Most of her pots, for instance, are standard nursery terra-cotta.
Research has shown, for instance, that children who know two languages more easily solve problems that involve misleading cues.
Stem cells injected into a paralyzed patient's spine, for instance, might help regenerate nerve tissue.
For instance, some of the digits on the frogs' feet have disappeared.
For instance people being tested, for the body to respond to drugs such as antibiotics.
Computers, for instance, cannot match our ability to recognize a friend from a distance merely by the way he walks.
Take, for instance, a billiard ball rolling across a table.
For instance, a harried doctor misdiagnoses a patient because he cannot spend more than five minutes examining her.
For instance, the leaf of a plant may produce trehalose, while the edible grains do not.
Moreover, if a protein carries the wrong sugars--from yeast, for instance--the human immune system goes on the offensive.
For instance, it seems to be necessary for refining the brain maps that differentiate among auditory frequencies.
For instance, it could let viewers call up stats on a ballplayer during the game or view a recipe from a cooking show.
They can occur for instance at areas where arteries are coming together.
These volatiles are responsible for the distinctive smell of a freshly mowed lawn, for instance.
Studies have shown that exposure to sarcasm enhances creative problem solving, for instance.
Say, for instance, that someone in an argument starts to foam at the mouth.
For instance, later figures did not have the gift of his presence and his art.
She will take you to off-the-beaten-track places, for instance, a church decorated entirely with human skulls and crossbones.
The debate has been discussed in the context of dinosaur genera, for instance.
During the evolution of birds, for instance, dinosaurs did not lose their arms only to evolve wings from nothing.
There is, for instance, conversation with strangers.
For instance, sensors in toilets throughout his faux community can be programmed to mimic human behavior.
Voice recognition, for instance, lets users dictate commands to their devices rather than click buttons.
For instance, it could stop issuing cookies to anonymous users that last for decades.
When light is bent around a surface, for instance, the surface itself effectively becomes invisible.
For instance, some cold water coral reefs discovered on seamounts are believed to be more than a thousand years old.
For instance, they might ask if a particular human gene is shared with chimpanzees, our closest animal relatives.
Genetic testing, for instance, is hugely expensive right now.
For instance, descriptions of smell have sometimes percolated into literature.
For instance, he can determine which cats were hunters and which couldn't hunt because of some physical handicap.
In loop quantum gravity, for instance, space and time are not smooth and continuous but rather divided up into tiny chunks.
For instance, understanding illness in invaders may be useful in identifying potential methods of controlling them, he added.
Think, for instance, of all those insects that buzz by you on warm days.
During famines, for instance, they could put more of their energy into repairing their bodies and living longer.
Some species-rodents and humans, for instance-can tell by smell.
Profligate governments, for instance, cannot use the central bank's printing presses to fund large deficits.
But its freedom would still be constrained: mutuals cannot, for instance, use their shares to buy other companies.
The rising number of car models, for instance, has altered the economics of locating car plants.
One segment of the market for video cameras, for instance, might be the group of people who have new-born babies.
The chemical industry, for instance, has already installed legions of sensors and actuators to increase its efficiency.
Banning bonuses, for instance, would drive good people out of companies that badly need them.
Americans, for instance, are paying one-third less at the pump than they did last summer.
The rich world could, for instance, offer time-limited trade preferences.
For instance, they fail to capture some sorts of non-market income and consumption.
Functional silos were often protective of information, for instance, and of their own position in the scheme of things.
For instance, it required borrowers to have higher collateral requirements than was the norm.
Some places offer free putting for kids, for instance.
For instance, it costs real money to get to the nearest airports, both of which are more than a two-hour drive away.
College athletes, for instance, help some universities generate millions of dollars in revenue.
The researchers didn't use a comparison group that took a placebo, for instance, so the results could be skewed.
Sites created with the template will have image descriptions used by screen readers, for instance.
In campus administration, for instance, you're likely to need the degree.
The secretary, for instance, cannot relieve himself from the responsibility of his office by resigning.
Let us consider, for instance, a material point with any kind of motion.
It is the fashion nowadays, for instance, to explain all social unrest in terms of economic conditions.
For instance, an onion's skin is literally and culinarily pure gold.
For instance, he composed a suite for mechanical player piano that allowed intricate chords of well more than ten notes.
Advocates of the mortgage-interest deduction, for instance, claim that it increases homeownership rates.
We enter the hubbub of the school dance, for instance, through a sort of hanging garden of paper roses.
Take, for instance, the little creatures that are constantly flying around our heads all day.
Take, for instance, an intellectual forebear of the tire slasher film: killer-car movies.
My sister and my mom, for instance-it's great to see how these books really draw mothers and daughters together.
For instance, with an artist, he can draw anything you look at-he can draw it.
For instance, prisoners are allowed conjugal visits-provided that one of the parties has been sterilized.
It was a horrendous job-for instance, the bodice had been glued to the wax torso and then partly smeared with more wax.
Well, some were little-he never set a county record for blood-alcohol level, for instance.
They can be rolled and bent, but they can't conform to the shape of a hand, for instance.
Think about turning to the right, for instance, and the car will adopt the appropriate speed and road position.
For years, researchers have been experimenting with compound-eye lenses in cameras to increase resolution, for instance.
For instance, the author of this article is responsible for misleading its readership.
Specialized software coordinates the cameras so that their zoom and focus settings, for instance, aren't drastically different.
For instance, many implant patients continue to outlive their batteries and require costly and risky replacement surgery.
Repeating a phone number soon after hearing it, for instance, uses short-term memory.
Bone-marrow transplants for leukemia rely on stem cells to replenish blood cells, for instance.
For instance, one type of game involves a player moving through a landscape visiting a number of locations.
Users maneuver the visible projections--two boxers duking it out, for instance.
One of your genes, for instance, makes the protein insulin.
For instance, it is possible to achieve louder dynamics with little of either of these sounds.
One drawing, for instance, shows a kapo beating up a prisoner.
The eye needs a visual display, for instance, and the ear needs an audio speaker.
It might, for instance, explain the preponderance of matter over antimatter in the cosmos.
For instance, her team adopted painstaking tactics to avoid contamination.
Instead of crashing down the stairs, for instance, the robot would recalculate to find the door.
One study, for instance, compared scans from autistic children under sedation to controls who were wide awake.
In real life, for instance, scientists have been inserting human genes in bacteria to produce insulin for years.
Until that happens-when the liquid is shaken, for instance, or its tension is increased-the liquid stretches.
Such scaled-down models are intended for niche applications off the grid-for instance, in developing nations.
It destroyed a whole bunch of theories--for instance, that the characters were dead and in purgatory.
Simply increasing the dose of certain agents, for instance, gives kids an advantage over some rapidly growing cancers.
For instance, the first might show growth along major roads and on large parcels.
For instance, you may want to have a back-up plan if your personal care provider is unavailable.

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