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Example sentences for footwork

Newtons try to help you make this transition via some fancy footwork on the bottom of the shoe.
One or two players stand on a platform and try to match their footwork to lighted arrows.
After the introduction, she rose and began her footwork as if nothing much had happened.
Bighorn sheep are famous for their spiral horns and fine footwork.
The past two weeks have provided a perfect illustration of the markets' frantic footwork.
Some fast footwork followed in a bid to defuse the outrage.
It sounds as if he's lashing out, doing what he laments others doing, only with fancier language and rhetorical footwork.
The kids presenting this program will jump while performing tricks involving fancy footwork and gymnastics at break-neck speeds.
Dance technique, therefore, focused on footwork and was characterized by an emphatic energy.
Both dances have fast footwork and kicks, all done while the upper body is kept rigidly straight.
Off court conditioning exercises and drills are offered to improve player mobility, footwork and endurance.
Beginners will learn how to hold the sword, positioning, footwork and terminology.
Children will learn proper stroke technique and footwork to improve their games.
The dance is known for its series of figures and footwork.
Attention to specific grips and footwork are important focal points of this program.
The focus of these lessons will be drills and games to improve ground strokes, footwork, volleys and serves.
In some cases, parents may be required to do much of the research and footwork themselves.
Begin with positioning and grips then progress to proper strokes and footwork.
Solid footwork makes evaluation of staff development programs a song.
Shell games and fancy footwork were used for years to hide our nation's deficit and the end result was a serious recession.
Emphasis is on appropriate grips, footwork, and simple tactics.
Participants will progress toward edge control and more advanced footwork.
Average athlete who needs to improve his footwork in order to be able to stand up to bigger, faster pro linemen.
Needs to work on all of his fundamental skills, especially footwork.
Needs to improve his footwork and tackling skills.
He has great footwork and tremendous strength to build upon.
His footwork is tremendous because of his basketball playing ability.
He's not accustomed to taking direct snaps from center, nor does he have refined footwork required for the subsequent dropback.
There were questions about his footwork, his experience and his work ethic.
His spins were weak, and his footwork sequences relied more on pelvic gyrations, hip shimmying and posing than anything else.
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