footwear in a sentence

Example sentences for footwear

Certain things such a footwear and gloves have to be bought, and are necessary.
Other factors include increased body weight and improper footwear.
Without modern footwear their feet would have been frostbitten before getting close.
Makers of footwear, furniture and more also gain from supplies of cheap labour.
The approach has something to say about exercise, footwear, and community.
Its core business was footwear and apparel, but golf was driven by equipment.
But the story of how the footwear came to be hung by the fire seemingly is a hazy one.
Because a number of occupations put the feet in danger, workers in high-risk jobs should be sure their footwear is protective.
Get good advice about proper footwear for your foot shape and mechanics.
Ask your doctor or nurse if you have the right footwear.
Since this specialty footwear is required for the job, the employer is required to provide it at no cost to the employee.
Proper footwear affords protection for the feet, ankles, and lower parts of the legs.
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