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On the other hand, as some commentators have astutely pointed out, the footnote is not the be-all and end-all.
Thanks for a great article, and the five books on languages recommended in the footnote.
The attentive reader of the accounts has only an obscure footnote to go by.
It is unlikely that solar- or wind-energy will ever be more than an expensive footnote to our energy history.
Fox may be the footnote to what could be the real story.
The bacteria-caused plague is more than a grim historical footnote today.
Footnote on the above: meant to use the electromagnetic spectrum which should be the same anywhere and a reference point.
Molnar's research is now a fascinating footnote waiting to be pushed forward by other researchers.
For years he had been merely a footnote, known mainly for his early work in phosphene stimulation.
It started with a tweak, a modest expansion by three teams and three games that history might have treated as a footnote.
The court also said in a footnote that, were this a civil case, it could award attorney fees to the defendant.
She would have liked to teach history, but being herself a footnote to history rendered that unwise.
There's one melancholy footnote to this whole story.
There is one more cautionary footnote to the tale of the new pain drugs.
The descent from mogul to footnote doesn't take long.
He either succeeds, and achieves immortality in his profession, or becomes a blameworthy historical footnote.
His letter clumsily conceals the point of the footnote by leaving out these words.
In a footnote, she names the historian who broke the silence.
Disclosure may be made either in a footnote or parenthetically on the face of the income statement.

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