footlocker in a sentence

Example sentences for footlocker

Some of his belongings, perhaps in a footlocker, might still have been in the first sergeant's room.
The footlocker was defaced with gang signs and claimant had ample time to deface the footlocker.
Storage should be in a clean enclosure such as locker, footlocker, or plastic container.
Claimant provided no receipt as to the age or price of the footlocker.
Claimant did not provide any proof of loss of these items from the footlocker.
Also, please bring a footlocker or something similar so that you can secure your personal belongings.
Chief among these is a footlocker recently discovered collecting dust in a storage room.
The body was stuffed inside two duffle bags and then stuffed into a footlocker.
They would make you leave your barracks in the middle of the night and go on runs or carry your, your footlocker outside.
Instead, the employees would be issued footlocker-type tool boxes in which to store their clothes and tools.
It is further advised that all students have either a small safe or footlocker that can be locked.
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