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Foundation drains, encased in gravel, should be placed at the footing level on the outside of the house.
Install a foundation drain directly below the drainage plane and beside the footing, not on top of the footing.
For spread footing foundations, knock-off tabs or other fuse elements should be provided to minimize foundation damage.
These load-bearing members are driven deep into the ground at footing locations to stabilize the footing foundation.
Sturdy concrete footing keeps the pillar from toppling.
They need to be footing the bill for a campaign to stop people from flushing unused meds down toilets.
Coal and natural gas is almost on the same footing when it comes to total destruction when it is extracted.
We need to ration fuel on a wartime footing and convert to clean sources of energy.
And from there, he can proceed on a much more sure footing.
It's on as firm a footing as anything science has done in a while.
Press the incorrect circle or fall out of rhythm with the song, and you'll need to regain your musical footing.
Twitter's character limit puts everyone back on equal footing.
Now, with kids often a step or two ahead in manipulating technology, parents and children are on a more equal footing.
Some researchers exploring the more remote reaches of physics will indeed lose their footing and plunge into obscurity.
Although less commonly practiced today, friends celebrate first footing by visiting each other's homes shortly after midnight.
About halfway up, he lost his footing and began to tumble down the long grade, arresting himself only by chance.
The surprising thing about moose dung is that it actually provides pretty good footing.
To understand the immensity of scale and the infinity of time helps us find footing in the slippery chaos of the world.
Yet these spreads are already beginning to shrink as rivals regain their footing.
It should be a priority to put such everyday things on a better footing.
War established the new science of nutrition on a firm footing.
The television business still suffers losses, but is on a firmer footing.
If the group has found its footing, despite many crises in the ensuing years, it is mainly for two reasons.
Yet once the housing sector finds its footing it may quickly gain momentum.
If he had time to get his footing, this might not matter.
Now the conditions of digital culture have unexpectedly forced a collision, scrambling the once-sure footing of both camps.
The university insists that the medical school is on solid financial footing and that no such irregularities existed.
And it must also have its feet on the ground, with a sure footing in financial realities.
That's not only wrong, it's spectacularly wrong, as wrong as saying astrology is on equal footing as astronomy.
If the platform was covered in a slippery piece of card, the agama lost its footing and it leapt at the wrong angle.
Nor is it difficult to grasp that, as an individual, footing the entire bill myself is beyond my grasp.
That's why more and more educators are calling for a new national effort to put boys on an equal footing with their sisters.
The boards had snapped here and there, and the footing was unsteady.
In a few minutes the frolic of the party was upon its former footing.
The rope of tough vines had been stretched as a hand-rail, necessary with such precarious footing.
The traditions have got footing, and refused to be disturbed.
Having a way to handle energy on the same footing may help to draw these diverse strands together.
Maintaining a permanent lunar base means, however, that somebody has to keep footing the bills.
Today, neither left nor right can find their footing.
Inside the hotel was a sort of underbrush, a swampy footing for the irregular.
We never shall know-but he almost managed to gain a footing.
She was on firm footing now, doing the work she had done all her life, tasks that she believed were her rightful purview.
Though he appeared flustered at the start of the interview, he regained his footing and maintained his usual unflappable demeanor.
Commercial banking and real estate healed more slowly, but still enjoyed a small bounce back as consumers got back their footing.
The criticism is that if they hadn't done less, then the economic recovery would be on firmer footing.
The problem, of course, is that no one is quite sure how long it will take for the market to eventually find its footing.
As the housing market continues to try to regain its footing, there's little consistency in a rebound for new home building.
As mentioned yesterday, manufacturing is slowly regaining its footing.
As the housing market struggles to find its footing, its problems have become highly localized.
The report shows that the labor market recovery can't seem to get its footing, but this isn't really news.
It will likely take them longer to gain their footing in the labor market.
If interest rates are higher, they'll have even more trouble turning over their debt and regaining their footing.
The rest of us should be put on equal footing with them by following some simple procedures.
Spread footings usually have a design orientation normal to the footing.
Footing design is typically done using a spreadsheet.
Forms for footing construction shall be straight and true.
After two ragged initial entries, the series found its solid footing and lively tone.
People confess that they have stopped returning phone calls from longtime friends who have lost their footing.

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