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Example sentences for foothold

We faced inward, moving slowly from one handhold and foothold to the next.
The familiar bridge, on which so many of our safe sea-days have been spent, is canted at an angle that makes foothold uneasy.
The fot: fet type of plural secured but a momentary foothold.
Although they can release their muscular foothold to tumble in a current-a few can even swim freely-they are rarely in a hurry.
He'd almost pulled off the feat but ended up standing on a single ladder rung that blocked the only available foothold.
To head off serious decay and disease, scientists are developing tools that prevent these microbes from gaining a foothold.
It's as if she were back on the glacier helplessly looking for a foothold.
She's also looking to strengthen her company's foothold on the popular leggings market.
It would help if farmers could sell or mortgage their rural land and use the money to help gain a stronger foothold in the cities.
Apple may have a strong foothold on the consumer market, but it did so at the cost of missing out on the business market.
Talent sure gives a good foothold in the ladder to riches.
As trade shrinks, millions of workers are losing their foothold on the bottom rungs of the global supply chain.
Tour operators are advised to get a foothold in the hotspots while they can.
In other words, if something gets a foothold in a rich country, it usually spreads widely.
Enforcement of environmental laws is certainly necessary, especially where illegal logging already has a foothold.
With such a foothold, the vast resources of the entire solar system would eventually be available.
In the window opened by disturbances, other species would have ample opportunity to gain a foothold.
But it has gained more than a foothold online: it has become a part of the culture.
If it did, whole-language would never have gained a foothold.
Although raccoon also use these trails, avoid them completely or use foothold sets on dry ground.
The goal is to help these residents gain a foothold in the labor market with jobs in the public and private sector.
Knapweed may have moved off the railroad right of way, where it had a strong foothold.
In the west, wherever tamarisk gains a foothold, it crowds out native plant and animal communities.
The importance of a shared memory appears to have lost its foothold in higher education.
But even if the virus then swept through the whole tribe, the groups were far too small and dispersed for it to get a foothold.
They can close up the ecological space in our bodies, so that invading pathogens can't get a solid foothold.
Triumph over the inequities whose leadership help wisdom procure a foothold in the commonsense.
Those advances now give us a foothold in the digital age.

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