foothills in a sentence

Example sentences for foothills

The nearby foothills are latticed with biking trails.
The whole little mountain lake was surrounded by foothills, and our campsite was right alongside.
Moist, open or shaded slopes from foothills to moderate elevations.
Rocky, open, or wooded sites from foothills well into mountains.
Mixed habitats: forest edges, mountains, and foothills.
They show me magnified before-and-after images in which ranges of wrinkles have been reduced to foothills.
Storm clouds boil up in the pink evening sky, and fog advances over the foothills.
The foothills of these mountains are covered in sagebrush and junipers and are inhabited by rattlesnakes at lower elevations.
Securing horses and a guide, he rode into the foothills.
We went up to the royal arch and and poked around in the foothills quite a bit.
These new mountains, by turning flat savannas to rugged foothills, may have robbed the terror birds of their habitat.
However, several storms have traversed the state to affect the mountains and foothills.
They are plentiful along the local foothills this time of year.
It trickles into narrow gulleys, or swales, which form distinctive tracks running straight down the steep foothills.
Trails in the foothills are are accessible year-round.
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