footgear in a sentence

Example sentences for footgear

For footgear the traveller needs two pairs of stout, high hunting shoes, built on the moccasin form with soles.
It seems to me that the character of our footgear signifies more than is commonly supposed.
Footgear should be insulated to protect against cold and dampness.
Winter clothing and appropriate footgear are needed.
Wear proper footgear that provides ankle support and protects against sharp rocks.
Dress for the weather, wear proper footgear, and be prepared for sudden changes.
Additionally, you will need appropriate equipment and good footgear.
The type of footgear, clothing, and other equipment.
Podiatrists, with respect to prosthetic materials and inlays, including arch-supports and special footgear.
Please be aware that the use of any footgear aids the grappler when he is going for an ankle lock.
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