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Example sentences for foolproof

Though a prevalent ploy in nature, the fake-eye look isn't foolproof.
The only foolproof way to improve the public understanding of science across the board is through the educational system.
The backup and containment systems are hardly as robust and foolproof as the article makes them out to be.
These tools can be lifesavers, but, they aren't foolproof.
If all that math was foolproof, after all, no one would need test pilots.
Buyers can read reviews that others have written about each seller, which fosters trust, though it is far from foolproof.
For now, though, vigilance remains the only safeguard-albeit not a foolproof one.
It is not foolproof: not even the rich can buy off all hazards, and rich countries and individuals will make poor decisions.
Still, this is foolproof subject matter for a novelist of limited gifts.
But the process is not foolproof because markets can also be wrong.
Nor is there anything foolproof in that cup of grated cheese, a half-cup of diced carrots or a tablespoon of butter.
The area's shopping centers offer nearly foolproof hunting grounds for family restaurants.
Home cooks measure the ingredients for the cake in a yogurt container, which makes the experience especially foolproof for them.
But a simpler and more foolproof approach is to install a browser plug-in that blocks social buttons.
However, in an emergency no one system is foolproof.
It implies that a foolproof method of identifying the source of every request must be devised.
Further, confidential methods of record keeping may not be foolproof.
It is not foolproof, so it is also important to make sure that there is not a lot of metal lying around.
The robot is not foolproof but merely fool-resistant.
Unfortunately, the unsettling fact is that there is no foolproof way to predict key positions with absolute certainty.
Not all methods are foolproof, but time in the field and experience can improve your abilities.
Remember, however, that no filtering program is foolproof.
For humans, adaptation is a risk-management strategy that has costs and is not foolproof.

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It is not easy to construct by mere scientific synthesis a foolproof system which will lead our children in... more
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