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Example sentences for fooling

The scientists are fooling themselves into thinking they are prepared.
The use of relative risk is simply a way of fooling the less informed.
The best antidote to fooling ourselves is adhering closely to scientific methods.
Chances are someone here has so you re not fooling anyone.
Doing science is all about making sure you aren't fooling yourself.
Try fooling a hungry dog to steal meal from its dish without getting bitten.
Everybody on the subway is fooling around with some electronic gadget and missing their stop.
There was no fooling the right side of the brain, no matter how much they resembled a face.
But anyone who thinks that limiting liability would reduce health care costs is fooling himself.
Animation is, at heart, the simplest form of cinema: a flutter of drawings fooling the eye into seeing motion.
Perhaps, he said, those plants have a defense against formic acid or are in some other way fooling the ants.
Okay, here it is: if stimulus works, then the policy wasn't fooling people.
The father is divorced and fooling around with someone else.
Also the regulations are difficult for the general public to understand, which is never good and a basis for fooling the public.
Whenever he met a western leader, it was never quite clear who was fooling whom.
Sensors, night vision goggles, thermal scanners and all manner of paranormal equipment mean this group isn't fooling around.
The problem doesn't seem to be that participants are bored and fooling around.
Food processors make better pie crust than tediously fooling with two forks or a pastry blender while your fat gets warm.
Humans have evolved elaborate mechanisms for fooling each other--and for trying not to get fooled.
The question is whether we're in the process of fooling ourselves-whether we're screwing things up.
The younger children are fooling around with the surfboard, and she wants to try.
He doesn't have the slightest interest in fooling around.
He was still fooling with the melody, but with a purpose.
Fooling people who are sitting at a table is one thing.
All you can do is pretend otherwise, which is rather sad, because you are only fooling yourself.
The scientific method is the best way yet devised of not fooling yourself.
Humans can fool each other, and they're even better at fooling themselves.
Science is about the recognition of the extreme measures you have to take to avoid fooling yourself, because everybody does.
Humans successfully fooling others is not a new invention.
Some are fooling themselves, with disastrous consequences.
Only in hindsight is it obvious that he wasn't fooling around.
She is also not fooling herself with pronouncements that she will revolutionize fashion with her latest move.
Your article disgusts me and you are fooling no one except yourself.
Sport anglers enjoy the process of finding, fooling and catching fish.
Those who say they can drive better after a drink or two are fooling themselves and putting themselves and others at risk.
Between his work and the work of other researchers, a number of means of fooling fingerprint readers has been found.
They hoped this artist might push that idea of fooling the eye with painted elements.
They constantly evolve new methods of fooling the anti-spam filters.
He claims it was an accident, says he was fooling with an old pistol and didn't know it was loaded.
Hiring credits, increased loan guarantees, and other gimmicks to encourage us to bring on more employees aren't fooling us either.
You're not fooling anyone with your little blue flashlight.

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