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To keep fully on top of this onslaught is both difficult and foolhardy.
It seems foolhardy to expect, or even want, all faculty to jump through the exact same hoops in order to prove themselves worthy.
One thick-skinned show-off waves his foot in the flames for a foolhardy second.
Nevertheless, ignoring the danger would be foolhardy.
In hindsight, ignoring those warnings looks foolhardy.
The loss of trust and confidence posited in the article is real, and administrators and faculty would be foolhardy to ignore it.
Manned exploration of the solar system is foolhardy.
It would be foolhardy to open up access to corporate data or to give so many people access to so much computing power.
Choosing sides in a paradoxical debate is foolhardy and ignorant.
He acknowledged that the journey ahead might seem foolhardy.
It might be brave, but supporting it for many would be foolhardy.
Anyone foolhardy enough to talk to the media would have been fired on the spot.
In my opinion, to write him off now would be foolhardy in the extreme.
Perhaps he had been inspired, too, because in a fit of possibly foolhardy exhilaration he opened a bottle of rare wine.
Only foolhardy parents would allow their children to provide only the grades on their report cards that they were happy with.
It would be foolhardy to think that advertising revenue on e-commerce sites would replace the product revenue any time soon.
He laid down set hours for writing in which only the foolhardy would telephone or knock on his door.
To be irrational with your own money may be to be foolhardy, to give in to guilty pleasure, or to wallow in caprice.
But the idea that you need to invent some convenient cataclysm to restore order seems foolhardy.
Rather he insisted, and in numerous articles and speeches pleaded, that the horrors of nuclear war made it foolhardy not to try.
It is foolhardy to venture predictions about what science will achieve this century.
Foolhardy as he looked, he feared that recanting the paternity claim would make matters worse.
It seemed to me foolhardy to go to a country in a state of anarchy.
We all find it's difficult enough going through life and avoiding injury without trying some foolhardy stunt.
Therefore, it is difficult and foolhardy to generalize about water needs.
To argue against the results of their efforts would be foolhardy, as the statistics are too impressive.
Foolhardy recklessness causes practically all of the distress on the trails.
The brave and foolhardy--this is how one individual described the pioneers of the offshore oil and gas industry.
It would be foolhardy not to let these inform our future action.
They may have better traction or may be more foolhardy.
To listen and not heed, to read and not respond is foolhardy.
Some growers will advise that wet rose foliage is to be avoided and deliberately spraying roses with a sprinkler is foolhardy.
The numerous attacks that these bills have on government employees pay and benefits are short-sighted and foolhardy.

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