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Example sentences for foodie

One approach is to reach out to potential visitors in other foodie hubs.
Oxbow is such a foodie paradise, you almost expect harps to play and angels to flutter as you enter the building.
Worth a read if you haven't had enough nerd and foodie mash-up lately.
Every cook, be it an elite chef or an aspiring foodie, has a favorite pot.
Wine and beer also figure into this town's foodie scene.
Depending on your foodie credentials, the list may surprise you.
The foodie lunch tour visits four restaurants and plenty of historic sites in between.
It's a bad idea for anyone except a meticulous foodie.
Gluttony dressed up as foodie-ism is still gluttony.
Gluttony dressed up as foodie-ism is still gluttony.
The rebranding campaign has gotten a lot of media attention, from the mainstream press to the foodie blogosphere.
If there was ever a reason for a foodie to take up hunting, this is it.
But it was a fertile time and place for an aspiring foodie.
The pictures alone on this foodie's wiki-paradise are enough to make you want to strap on your apron and start sautéing.
But this was no clever culinary mix, shrunk to miniature and served up as foodie fashion.
Oh, and foodie views are so monolithic that one clearheaded writer can neatly swat them all down in a single essay.
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