food web in a sentence

Example sentences for food web

Thank you ancient food web and geological processes for concentrating that energy.
But big fish in deeper waters might also be affected if entire species were lost at the bottom of the food web.
They are not part of the natural food web and don't belong out there on their own.
Mosquitos serve a valuable function in the food web.
Phytoplankton make up the chlorophyll-bearing canopy at the base of the marine food web.
In its jaws was the missing link, in the food web, or one of them anyway.
It's a critical link in a food web that's on the verge of collapse.
In a parasite-conscious food web, the larger predators are prey for small-bodied parasites.
All populations in this ecosystem are interdependent and part of a global food web.
Use the information in the food web to answer the questions that follow.
Marsh plants capture the energy of sunlight and form the basis the highly productive wetland food web.
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