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Other organisms affected by temperature change include krill, an extremely important link at the base of the food chain.
Small fish eat the micro-organisms, and large fish eat the small fish and on up the food chain.
The species of salmon used in canned salmon eat lower on the food chain than tuna, and are thus lower in toxins.
It allows you to ensure that your poultry are only eating things you feel comfortable having in your food chain.
Yet, for a low-price fast food chain, such a strategy might have raised some eyebrows.
We recognize that these top predators are key to healthy oceans and play a vital role in the food chain.
They are orders of magnitude higher than you on the judicial food chain.
The animal had large, powerful jaws, which secured the predator a place atop the local food chain.
But now it seemed as if people were fighting and dying their way down to the bottom of the food chain.
Now, with a squeeze on tenure-track jobs, even those at the top of the academic food chain are feeling big changes.
And as you scramble up the food chain, things get better and better.
To shorten the food chain is to pull it close, close enough to put a face on one's food and a familiar place on one's plate.
Depending on the fast-food chain involved, there are other steps interspersed in this process.
They can try to push back but this stuff comes from a higher authority in the food chain.
But the world looks a whole lot different when you view it from a total energy supply food chain.
From there, they could still work their way into the food chain.
The concentration of power among retailers has led to another stage in the shift in power down the food chain.
Contaminated food has been found a disconcertingly long way away, although it seems to be being kept out of the food chain.
The trick might be to slip them into the food chain on the quiet.
Yet keeping the bacteria out of the food chain would be a sensible idea.
The consequences stretch from one end of the food chain to the other, as higher food prices prompt a response.
Sharks up the food chain take their cut, leaving local pirates to pilfer crews' watches and mobiles.
If calcareous algae and copepods are decreasing in number and virility then this affects the entire food chain.
Economists need to look at the impact up the wage food chain.
Planktonic algae are at the bottom of the food chain.
Sweet sorghum also produces a nutritious gluten-free grain head that can supplement rather than subtract from the food chain.
TiVo, too, keeps its spot high in the set-top food chain.
Marine algae are the base of the entire ocean food chain, and were also responsible for originally creating oxygen on the planet.
The plants help form part of the food chain that helps the coral grow.
Coral reefs are part of the foundation of the ocean food chain.
From the tiniest shrimp to the biggest whale, all living things play roles in a food chain.
Students should be able to provide examples of affected members of the food chain and demonstrate knowledge of biomagnification.
The fossil provides the first ever snapshot of an ancient, three-level, vertebrate food chain.
Link those predators and prey together, and you get a food chain.
The top box will be for the top predator, and the bottom boxes will be for the lowest species on the food chain.
There is no doubt that the great white shark sits atop the ocean food chain.
Integral to the food chain, tiny shrimp krill are the primary food source for many marine mammals and fish.
Forest leaf litter fertilized the taro, and both provided nutrients to the estuarial food chain.
Squid and other soft-bodied cephalopods replaced their shelled relatives, which once filled the middle rung on the food chain.
Waiting at the other end of the food chain were the fearsome eurypterids, or sea scorpions.
They bestride the top of the food chain and are well equipped to defend themselves in nature.
They are an important part of the riparian food chain: they eat leaves and algae, and are in turn eaten by fish.
Because king penguins are at the top of the food chain, they are particularly vulnerable to environmental changes.
The health effects of these poisons are then magnified up the food chain.
Rare-breed advocates say the best way to preserve vulnerable cattle is to keep them in the food chain, producing milk or meat.
They have even been challenging the alligator to be top of the park's food chain.
The minerals, including hydrogen sulfide, provide food for the bottom of the ecosystem's sunless food chain.
When top level predators are removed, the middle predators devastate the lower tiers of the food chain.
Depletion of large predatory fish disrupts food chain.
Sure, there is nothing insane about sequestering the primary molecule of the entire food chain and the biosphere.
We all remember the food chain from elementary school, nothing changed, the food chain still flows up to us.
We are on top of the food chain, for some unknown reason.
Even a pristine system can only support so many at the top of a food chain.
They regulate biological processes down the food chain.
These creatures are a large part of the bottom of the oceanic food chain.
It is allowed to exist in the food chain due to inappropriate processing practices.
Pigs are disgusting filthy creatures that should phased out of our food chain.
Instead of photosynthetic plants, chemosynthetic microbes comprise the base of the food chain at vents.
There are probably numerous ways to grow plants that can be put to produce biofuel, without competing with the food chain.
We must defend our position at the top of the food chain.
It is the energy source for plants and, hence, animals higher up the food chain.
The world would be a barren place without these ubiquitous plants at the bottom of the food chain.
It would be better, some say, to eat fish lower on the food chain that require less resources.
Also, the byproducts of biodegraded plastic may not be all that good to put in the food chain.
Many of those who got sick had visited a fast-food chain and eaten hamburgers.
Temperatures would have dropped, plants would have starved for light, and the rest of the food chain would shortly have followed.
It is possibly a step towards taking us out of the food chain, which at some point may be necessary.
It can't be taken up by plants and worm its way up the food chain.
If one part of a food chain alters, the whole food chain is affected.
They in turn form the base for an entire food chain of animals.
Cute little ecological niche if it is at the top of it's local food chain.
Biomagnification is the incremental increase in concentration of a contaminant at each level of a food chain.
The term trophic level refers to an organism's position in a food chain.
Plants are at the base of the food chain and are known as producers.
With foxes at the top of the island food chain, predation on them had been rare, but telemetry studies proved otherwise.
Specially evolved bacteria oxidize the methane, forming the foundation of a food chain.
The arrows show the movement of energy through the food chain.
Biomagnification is the incremental increase in a contaminant's concentration at each level of the food chain.
There is a loss of energy at each step in a food chain.
These lampreys live in balance with their natural food chain and don't deplete fish populations.
They break down quickly and they do not build up in the food chain.
When they're healthy, coral reefs provide shelter and food for animals all along the food chain, including the top: us.
Every once a millennium a monster fast food chain and its sweaty marketing department comes up with an idea that makes us smile.
There are a couple of reasons we're at the top of the food chain.
But there has been no drop down the theatrical food chain here.
However both species developed a group bonding mechanism which gave them top of the food chain status.
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