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Get a first-hand feel for scientific exploration by following the blog posts of researchers out in the field.
The following video illustrates rather plainly the fact that file sharing is not stealing.
Overindulging in wine or spirits often makes the following morning much less enjoyable.
From time to time eagles fly past, following the course of the river below.
So read on and let the following examples inspire you to curl up by the fire.
Add any of the following enhancements to tailor your job ad to your unique hiring needs.
He spent the night following the game in a hospital.
Surveyor makes open source robot controllers that have quite a fan following among do-it-yourself drone enthusiasts.
The flowers, funnel-shaped when they open in the morning, flatten as the day progresses and are dropped the following day.
He and his siblings gathered in the upstairs bedroom of their house, avidly following their favorite serials.
Start with three top-size bulbs this year and have a dozen flowers by the following summer.
Following the collapse of the ballyhooed solar firm, these are dark times for renewable energy.
Following are types of tomatoes you can buy as seeds or started plants.
Dieters who wrote down everything they ate had twice the weight loss of other people following the same diet.
Feed monthly with a complete houseplant fertilizer, following label instructions.
The following year, the university promoted three of his colleagues instead.
Then, give each group one additional card with one of the following pieces of information.
Following the tour, visitors have the opportunity to hear a survivor speak of their experiences.
Or you can contact the following for retail sources.
The following statement is cut and pasted from there.
Many of the disorders targeted by the following treatments are becoming increasingly widespread.
The following recipe puts all these concerns to rest.
New research shows that more and more daughters are following in their father's footsteps.
In cold-winter regions, set out transplants in early spring, or direct sow seeds in late summer for harvest the following year.
Letters following each listing refer to sources listed below.
Following is a lists of indoor plants known to be toxic to dogs.
By following the recipe below, you can have a load of finished compost in about six weeks.
Other varieties are increasingly available, including the following.
Some types display their blossoms during the day, others open in late afternoon and close the following morning.
Appropriate pesticides for specific problems are identified by name in the following sections on pests, diseases and weeds.
Print out your favorite master recipes from the following pages and try them with our tasty variations.
Those buds will develop into stems that bear fruit the following summer.
From that point, follow either of the following methods.
The following tolerate low indoor light and require little care.
Set out plants in fall for bloom the following spring and summer.
Beans and sunflowers were started from seed, following package instructions.
The following natives are sun lovers except where noted.
As expected, the rowers' pain thresholds were significantly higher following the group sessions.
Give each group of students one of the following in a large bowl: chocolate syrup, corn syrup or vegetable oil, and one feather.
Traveler investigated hundreds of wellness destinations worldwide to come up with the following selections.
Modern physics formulates the answer rather differently for the following reason.
The majority of the following poems are to be considered as experiments.
It is that undergirding that and the following eventual growth of tolerance that is the key.
Following a short and welcome nap, a small group of us met for lunch.
All rex begonias are gems in their own way, but the following are our favorites among the new varieties.
Treat plant infestations with insecticidal soap, following label instructions.
In addition to the recipe ingredients, you'll need the following.
Apply aluminum sulfate, which is often packaged expressly for hydrangeas, following label directions.
Sow seeds, and thin seedlings, following directions on packet.
These measures are based on the following principles.
The following subtropicals are some of her favorites.
Following the package instructions, apply the iron-on adhesive to the back side of the yellow cotton.
The line is the first to cancel a call in the city following the incident.
The authors found that the following brain regions contribute to dance in ways that go beyond simply carrying out motion.
As the area recovered from the fire in the following years, deciduous birch and aspen trees replaced the charred conifers.
On the following pages are a selection of photographs from the set, with links to high-resolution versions.
We are about to go ice-diving, which as a recreational sport is relatively new but is beginning to develop a following.
If he thinks he might be about to learn the ending to a particular story he's following, he will turn it off.
Following this logic, a pathogen may end up killing lots of people by one of two routes.
She scheduled an appointment for the following week.
Now imaging techniques are providing answers by following microbes on the move.
The spots may represent scar tissue or fluid-filled spaces that form when brain tissue breaks down following head trauma.
And it's less stressful because patients are less likely to die when you're following them.
If it's cloudy or less than spectacular, you'll get a second chance shortly after maximum, on the following night.
Your answers to the following questions will provide both an inspiration and a reality check.
By the following afternoon, though, a small miracle had occurred.
Following that, she might add a pie and leave it to bake for dessert.
But it also means that some usable embryos may be discarded following screening.
Twitter publishes statistics that show how many people a user is following, and how many users are following them.
In the following three years, the company manufactured and installed thousands of solar panels using the technology for testing.
Following this exposure, they measure both cell metabolism and cell morphology.
But for individuals who have difficulty following medical regimens, he's not sure it will help.
Following an injection of their own purified stem cells, they were monitored for insulin dependence and beta-cell function.
The grateful director told us to position our five-foot-square company sign as a backdrop for the following take.
The graph doesn't show any change that couldn't be explained with a few bots following a lot of humans.
My own father suffered a marked impairment in brain function following open heart surgery.
The program also uses desktop alerts to notify users when someone bids on auctions they are following.
The following is a retrospective of some of the people and events that made a difference.

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