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Dozens of versions, usually based on cornmeal, have followed.
Infested plants show leaf wilt, followed by total collapse.
Years of begging and bare subsistence followed until he died.
Deciduous shrub that bears pink flowers followed by white berries from late summer to winter.
Hummingbirds were the first to show up, followed shortly thereafter by sparrows and finches.
And, until recently, my list of preferences pretty much followed the same order.
We followed the instructions, with a few modifications.
The reversal followed news-media scrutiny and a threatened lawsuit over the university's right to shut down the paper.
The move followed a no-confidence vote by faculty members.
Two out of three respondents said they had not followed the demonstrations closely.
The board's action followed a scandal that involved allegations of corruption, outright fraud, and nepotism by college leaders.
We have followed and been a part of the growth of this pedagogical approach, building programs and researching their results.
The newspaper followed up with extensive reporting that raises many questions about what happened.
Naturally, they didn't tell me whether or not the student followed up, owing to privacy laws.
But the repression that followed has dashed hopes for peaceful reform.
Observation followed by deduction is standard practice in science.
The information matched official results in certain places and generally followed the same trends.
Suddenly, a huge detonation erupts next to one, often followed by a determined ambush.
To investigate, the researchers plied mice with nicotine, followed seven days later by cocaine.
Eruption followed a series of earthquakes in the region, likely unrelated.
Resulting in straightening followed either by sit-all-day slouching or the rigidity of a tin soldier.
The sun came first and the planets followed not long after.
Migraine patients often notice that their headaches begin with a throbbing sensation followed by increased skin sensitivity.
He wishes there were more of them by the generations who followed him.
Some folks want to be transported to their grave in a horse-drawn hearse, followed by a dozen bagpipers and a throng of mourners.
In the twenty years of troubled politics that followed, one finds it constantly quoted.
Nothing so delays the service of a dinner as dishes that must immediately be followed by necessary accessories.
There have always been recurring cycles of undress, followed by muffling from shoe-soles to chin.
Four lines, which were alternately rimed, were often followed by a couplet.
They followed those whom they considered the best models.
His optimistic overview was followed by three intense discussions.
They followed club etiquette, and did so rather gently.
Previous increases of this size have almost always been followed by recession.
At one time he was doing four shows a day, followed by a stint at a nightclub.
Yet the revolutions in each country, barely a month apart, followed notably similar patterns.
Not since records began has so deep a recession been followed by so shallow a recovery in employment.
He is likely to be followed out of the door by a number of other board members in coming weeks.
There are violent splashes, followed by the sound of large bodies crashing through the undergrowth.
Development followed, and the pace of change rapidly picked up.
News reports followed, then interest from galleries.
Several generations of scientists have followed him down this path.
These are followed by daffodils, narcissi, and hyacinths.
In the days that followed, the world's perceptions of war changed.
Skylark received several fragmentary, garbled messages, followed by silence.
Manga followed the tracks until they ended, after which he organized his cohorts into two lines far apart from each other.
The box should be virtually invisible to anyone except those who have followed your clues.
Other similar editions and publishing programs soon followed.
The team followed in similar fashion, and then it was off to the dull morning glow of the icefall.
But a new study shows that rates of contagious yawning are higher near relatives, followed by close friends.
In general, the domestication of cattle and other livestock has followed the establishment of agriculture.
The ceremony went on for hours, but it seemed to me that the earnest speeches that followed were all trumped by this short song.
The same procedure should be followed in arranging the statues in a museum open to the general public.
It is not a matter of swinging into line with the rest of the nation so that its laws are obeyed, its customs followed.
They followed their own policy of lust and avarice, over regions too far from the main history of the times to be controlled.
At the end of the line, the group followed a guide off the train and over to a large concrete park-and-ride garage.
We aren't the only generation to have gone on a credit-fueled buying binge-or to regret the hangover that followed.
All of the volunteers gained weight, regardless of which diet they followed.
Poets go to bed earliest, followed by short story writers, then novelists.
He kept his hands folded in his lap and followed the conversation with his eyes.
In the crackdown that followed, hundreds of the signatories were interrogated and numerous blogs were shut down.
But some of the destruction followed a strange pattern.
Neither of them had heard of, nor followed, any precautions.
Temperatures would have dropped, plants would have starved for light, and the rest of the food chain would shortly have followed.
What followed this realization was a manic drive back to the diving center, then a hurried leap into the water.
It followed simply and inevitably from our selecting among wild plant individuals.
Our lunches were a fitting prelude to the conversation that followed.
There was a bending of the rod, followed by a slight tug, characteristics shared with the snaring of any other sea creature.
The slow, daylong baking that followed transformed those large cuts of meat into utter succulence.
This, however, is a higher-heat followed by lower-heat method.
Dan double-checked the bakers' work, finding they had followed the printed recipe exactly.
Even when a regimen is followed, it may not be the best regimen.
What followed is, among locomotive builders, legendary.
In addition to other imaging projects, it contains a large collection of lung cancer cases followed throughout their therapy.
But delays and defective parts followed, and then a blown summer release date.
The presentation would have included the process that the team followed and the final product specifications.
Because this is mythology, a short struggle was followed by a quick ascent to stardom.
During the years that followed, no one could have accused her of playing it safe with typecasting.
Closely followed-in view of the overall shortage of time-by patience.
We claimed that historically the process followed a particular direction, from dependence and exclusion to autonomy and inclusion.
It was depicted as being essentially a system where production and distribution followed changeless routines.
The rest of the world has followed their example in ideas also.
These panels are not necessarily accompanied or followed by an exit road.
Trips to the ballpark are now unfailingly followed by trips to the plate.
He gave directions to his henchmen who followed through on those directions.

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