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Example sentences for follow up

Follow up on the homework reading, and then move to these activities.
The authors plan to follow up with studies of infants and perhaps other animal species.
Not only will he repeat and follow up his stroke, but the nation will add its irresistible strength.
Individual users were simply asked to follow up with external political action.
Nothing came out of it, not even a follow up phone interview.
But they never follow up on these factors, even though they override all others.
Really appreciate this thread and your follow up, kohelet.
Of course they can change by using a detailed plan and daily follow up.
With a comp sci background, a natural follow up master's would be in math.
If people find interesting things to follow up, the early work keeps being cited.
Then follow up with an absolutist claim about the state of the science.
In follow up tests, the nappers performed even better than their first tries.
Follow up is rare, especially, if money is a problem.
Please consider writing follow up stories related to other bird threats.
And there is still a risk that he will follow up with more provocations.
They expect visitors mainly to gather information about their offerings and follow up with a phone call.
It seems the author of this article didn't follow up with the latest news and facts.
Follow up complaints are met with hollow promises to speak with the supervisor at the delivery agency.

Famous quotes containing the word follow up

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