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Example sentences for folksy

Most are not folksy wagons but motor homes with satellite dishes bolted onto the aluminum siding.
His voice is mellifluous and folksy, his cadence slow and thoughtful.
His sermons are conversational, delivered in a folksy, raspy voice.
Both are idealists rather than pragmatists, and skilled at folksy populism.
He was an extremely versatile and productive author who was particularly well known for his folksy humor.
Quickly, his wise cracks and folksy observations became more prized by audiences than his expert roping.
Her folksy style settles you in quickly for a homespun tour of the area and it's amazing history.
He had a witty sense of humor coupled with his own folksy sayings.
He also won notice for his folksy stories and down-home wit.
Even now, every president is accused of either being arrogant or being too folksy.
We are folksy on roadless areas, as if it were the objective per se as a means to achieve something.

Famous quotes containing the word folksy

It was part of the Texas ritual. We're rich as son-of-a-bitch stew but look how homely we are, just as plain-folks... more
It seemed monstrous to our intolerant youth that "poor white folksy" men should have an equal right with ge... more
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