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They're looking for folks to plant in urban, suburban, and rural environments.
The pilot tells us to buckle up, folks, we're coming in for a landing.
Annie's doing a great service to the community, and is inspiring other folks while she's at it.
It may take some time for folks to understand the environmental and medical repercussions of wood burning smoke.
Folks prefer in fact a hovel to your dreary marble halls.
These are salaried folks, not people making money from owning a business.
It tolls for thee, higher education, and it is being rung by those folks paying a lot of your bills.
Think about how much better it would be for those folks who are organizing the trainings.
The housing is too cheap and the folks are too kind for it to be otherwise.
And the theatres and art gallery attract folks who come for shopping, dinner and a show all year long.
Then some elementary-school students came by, then a retired couple, then a few more folks.
Folks in the modest suburban enclaves southwest of the city noticed it.
Read the headlines folks, these issues are a problem for our governments and they dont have the answers.
It's not everyday that insect folks provide commentary on art.
They were promoted by a one or a few imaginative folks and not taken seriously by the scientific community.
As with the cookies, you can have fun with fondant-these folks sure did-but the decoration doesn't have to be elaborate.
That's going to make it easier for folks to expand and hire new people.
Older folks may appear to react or process info slowly.
Cheers to all the folks helping to make education more affordable.
Two major clinical trials in the past three years have greatly complicated the picture for these and perhaps other folks.
The folks who pay for the tests are hoping for positive test results.
The folks who give the tests are hoping for positive test results.
Many folks see their hairdressers more often than they see their doctors.
It has been my experience that there are folks out there who are skeptical of these temperature records.
As a result, they pay less attention to social cues than poorer folks do.
The thinking is that a self-driving car would have to be as good as a professional race car driver for normal folks to accept it.
All kinds of long lasting peer reviewed acceptance on that one folks.
Folks in each line were randomly given a red or white plate.
But some folks take these fantasies to cartoonish extremes.
The homebound folks also had an increased risk of other cognitive impairments and a faster rate of cognitive decline.
Attractive people also have an easier time getting a loan than plain folks, even as they are less likely to pay it back.
Some folks can choose to either shovel it or consume it.
They act as if there are good, progressive rich folks and bad, anti-progressive rich folks.
These folks seem to be neglecting the remarkable, unprecedented collapse in housing construction over the past few years.
For people who are already forced to fly coach, hearing about other folks getting compensated for their trouble must sting a bit.
These are the folks who want the borders secured and the illegals sent back.
They have designed safe areas for folks to work in during emergencies.
When you encounter folks who are so poverty-stricken, it's a gruesome option for them but it is an option.
Get some older folks to help find stories or images that will help give you an idea of what to put into your picture.
These images show how folks are opening their hearts and homes to these refugee birds.
We've got cheaper lofts and residences, so folks can have a high quality of life on a start-up wage.
Urban folks also enjoy the performance of a parakeet flock in full display mode.
Keep an eye out for parked cars and folks with spotting scopes, sure signs that some action is afoot.
Most recently, the beekeeper worked with some folks and they made beer from the honey.
While returning, folks were relaxing with light drinks and stretching their tired limbs.
If they don't support the idea, see if they can create a drop-off area where folks can recycle.
Scientists aren't the only folks who can help frogs.
Either way, the folks responsible for staging the race indisputably know their way around.
On the other hand, some folks say they no longer feel as safe taking their families into the woods.
Quite a charge-steward the health of folks who can't afford the stewarding.
Watching it didn't interest me so much as going to interview folks who decided to attend.
It's always the folks on the coast who are cast as the inferiors in this relationship.
There's the open government folks who want data to create products.
There's the open government folks who want to hold folks accountable.
Or else one can transgress, and be shunned by folks who were much friendlier when you agreed with them.
And everything is bright, for houses on each street are painted in yellows and reds to help folks through the gray months of rain.
The good news is that you can use it to your advantage over the weekend if you go to your folks' house to watch the games.
Folks need to realize they have to sanitize their net presence.
That's good for lab coats who need funding and low-skilled folks who need work.
Greetings folks, it's an honor to be part of the team for the week.
As you're patted down, take note of the folks who are drawn to the spectacle.
The heartthrob obliged his fans and left a warm impression on the folks at the farm as well.
When you're shooting folks in general, there's a lot of directing you have to do anyway.
Not to mention an opportunity to teach those desert folks in sandals a lesson upside the head.
We have a lot of of folks logged on and a lot of great questions already, so let's jump in.
As the human-resource folks would have it, you are your résumé.
Fewer and fewer of the folks who contributed to the success of our economy actually benefitted from that success.
The state has been divided into seven regions and folks are asked to pick a region in which they want to nominate a site.
And this time around, they have to be the genomes of old folks-seriously old folks.
Now here's the thing: production is not so simple for these telescopes, and the folks making them want to continue to do so.
If you stumble across it on the radio, there are many folks who can't tell if what they're hearing is good, bad or blah.
Eventually, some folks there took to mashing the leaves and rubbing the residue on their own skins.
Good news for low-income folks in need of legal help.
So now you've got folks on the other side of the aisle pointing at the federal budget and somehow trying to put that at our feet.
The truth is that these folks could have digitized the whole industry ages ago.
Fewer goods still are sold to the fewer folks who now have jobs.
Reviews from the few folks who have had hands-ons are mixed.
Rural communities, normally the last folks to benefit from new technologies, are among the first to get fibers.
Several folks have done that or are working on that now.
These folks were as careful as possible to monitor local temperatures and eliminate the possibility of thermally induced effects.
For more than a week, account holders have been demanding their money back in what some folks are calling a bank run.
The things they're doing make hardened intelligence folks question the legality of it.
My plea is that folks that know the truth don't let the temptation of money and power shut them up, from revealing the truth.
Ah, but there is a difference between folks who get rich owning a newspaper and folks who get rich and then buy a newspaper.

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