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Huge selection of folk art, garden items, and furniture from around the world.
They might even be considered the scientific world's folk art.
He was a large collector of folk art and tools and had a museum nearby.
The art form will turn into a folk art form, which doesn't grow.
The collection includes various media and diverse styles from folk art to minimalism.
On the first floor is an art and antiques gallery featuring quilts, folk art and designer clothing.
The illustrations, rich with details, are in a warm watercolor style that echoes the folk art of the period.
Shaker reproductions, whimsical folk art whIrligigs, baskets.
The more abstract and self-enclosed haute cuisine became, the more its lovers pretended it was folk art.
Hotrods are homemade subversions of the existing order, mechanical folk art.
The pattern of wavy lines, the flowers, and the rooster lend a folk art quality to the design.
Marks went through several different phases, from abstract painting to pop art to folk art compositions.

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"Folk art" signifies the poetical, musical, and pictorial activities of those strata of the population which are uneduca... more
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