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Its base might have been in raw folk music, but any edge it possessed had been carefully smoothed.
Legislation puts calories on a package but folk fail to relate how much energy is available vs what a body needs.
The artistic, architectural and folk heritage representative of these cultures is celebrated.
Plus all the other university stuff that normal folk do elsewhere.
Unscientific folk may be excused for concluding that among the natural sciences chemistry is the poor cousin.
Acid rock, psychedelic drugs and folk music were popular.
Instead, you'll hear from some of the gamers, non-gamers and industry folk who went to the trade show.
Secondly, it's not those folk we're concerned about.
The game explores prejudices city folk hold against those who live in rural areas, and is adult in nature.
He was a large collector of folk art and tools and had a museum nearby.
Apparently, the four emergency room patients did not do their homework before trying the folk remedy.
These researchers appear to be discovering folk wisdom.
Still, it was a common enough piece of folk medicine.
Call your area's housing bureau folk and find out what your rights are and consider a lawyer.
Now you know why country folk are nicer people than city smarts.
Today's city folk could never understand the full effects the moon's illumination had on us kids way back when.
They use up many times the resources of the poorer folk.
There are tons of idioms in different languages that reflect this folk wisdom.
But it is, alas, to be expected from folk who work for commercial seedsmen.
But the real fun will come as ordinary folk at home feel free to let their creativity run wild.
Wars make profits thus are funded by folk who may not be the political instigators.
If something awful were going to happen to these elderly folk, it would have happened before now.
For those of you over-paid folk with smart phones e-ink may not be the ticket for browsing the web and playing games.
My own country indulges these folk and plays diplomatic niceties with them.
It concerns relativistic space travel as a folk song.
Hey folk, this article is poorly written, but its the contents that are relevant.
Or sung folk songs of places far away-in languages unknown to anyone nearby.
He had genuine sympathy for ordinary folk, for animals, for nature.
Virtue in superiors will call out virtue in common folk.
Each of these rhythmic systems proceeds from the unconscious dynamic habit of the language, falling from the lips of the folk.
On the other hand, it refers to low cultural shows operating in a folk environment.
They might even be considered the scientific world's folk art.
The two-to-five contingent are a wild and wily folk, changing whims and wants at a moment's notice.
There was even a musical act with a folk song customized to the trip.
Many local folk remedies found their way into mainstream medicine and became widely distributed.
And fittingly for mountain folk, the show goes on no matter the weather.
Kahlo's insight was to see that she could take this folk art form in any direction.
His inability to empathize with common folk had long been his hoary hoodoo.
Smart folk plot their meals in peace-dividing and conquering the uniformly delicious sides-and call up for delivery.
The pair become fast friends, attending a number of folk concerts and rummage sales together.
Fans of such services gush that they will mint money by allowing ads to be targeted at folk who are about to make a purchase.
Yet, despite this progress, they are losing ground to more fortunate folk.
And some surprising folk, from school heads to local councils, are keen on them.
But to judge by ordinary folk, the region wishes him well.
The residents in turn called it a raid on their land by insatiable city officials, and paraded a few poor old folk.
Younger folk have another reason to come: much wooing takes place in and around the fair.
They have made it easier for rural folk to obtain permission to settle in a middle-sized city than in a large one.
Country folk, lacking public transport, will get a bit more back.
Tapping such folk memories, consciously or unconsciously, strengthens support for the war.
For the folk at the top, running a company can be dull.
Clever folk abandon productive work and start hustling for a share of the petrodollars.
Another reason not to get too excited is the reflexive conservatism and technophobia of medical folk.
Yet little of the folk wisdom drew on the findings of research or had undergone scholarly testing.
Doctors are rediscovering a disgusting but true bit of folk wisdom: maggots make a great cure for infected wounds.
Once again the little folk of the forest dance, sing, and feast on meat obtained through their hunting prowess.
Ordinary folk almost feel that they should take off their shoes before they go in to listen.
Country music, in case you city folk haven't noticed, is where pop music went to live.
These are smart folk who know what buttons to press and levers to pull.
Local bars feature rooftop drinking, folk music and pool tables.
Hotrods are homemade subversions of the existing order, mechanical folk art.
They're good folk who have the best for this country.

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