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Think of a frittata as an omelet made effortless: no fussing or folding here.
These saws come in folding and fixed-blade versions.
Beating the egg whites and folding them into the batter makes these hearty, nutritious pancakes surprisingly light in texture.
People brought their children, their folding chairs and their binoculars.
Inside, wooden balconies overlook the performance space, and folding chairs line the floors.
Everyone sat in low-backed folding chairs, the kind you might find packed in a community center closet in between bingo nights.
Come to this workshop for beginners to learn the skills and techniques of paper folding.
Toss on slightly floured board, and beat with rolling-pin thirty minutes, continually folding over the dough.
Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to sleep.
Cover butter by folding upper half of paste over it.
The professor of molecular biology and genetics was at home, folding laundry.
The image that stayed with him was of children folding napkins.
For me, this particularly pertains to putting away clean dishes and folding laundry.
Paper-folding can produce more than airplanes, as the ancient art of origami has shown.
It is the only car on the road with a folding power hardtop that also has a power tilt-and-slide sunroof.
Codices were ancient books constructed of folding pages bound at one side.
Sha sits beside me on a folding chair, enjoying an early morning cigarette after a bath in the river.
Also, marine seismic data show active folding and thrusting of the youngest sediments.
What they found was subtle folding of the sediments revealing a history of ancient earthquakes.
Demonstrate to students that by folding one cut segment over the other, a three-dimensional diorama is formed.
Roll up tightly, folding top and bottom in and over to form a sealed envelope.
Find the center of the circle by folding the circle twice making sure the outer edges of the circle line up.
The families on the lower floors would open folding tables and dine al fresco on the street.
Forged from this intricate folding, the polished blades rippled with chevron or herringbone patterns.
Durable swing-out handles that will not melt, and folding bail handles that lock into place to prevent accidental spilling.
We met some real policemen in well-adorned blue suits with white rope bandoleers and crisp, blue folding caps.
No fumbling to open as with other folding river knives.
It is constructed of premium aluminum with folding carry handles, continuous-steel lid hinge and tension-adjustable latches.
The hundreds of steps of folding that create a complex protein can take a cell many minutes to complete.
Folding the bath-towel-sized ballot paper will also be tough, and voting will take so long queues will need patience.
Folding shirts creases whereas rolling them does not and the shirts take up less space as they can be rolled tightly.
It is small and thin enough to be woven into paper, and folding does not harm it.
Companies are folding, people are being fired, and shops are closing.
But sometimes something goes awry in the folding process.
The green metal hood scooted back, folding into a sharp crease near the windshield.
Neuroscientists have been wondering for a long time about exactly how that takes place and what directs that sort of folding.
He's there every day, unless it's a federal holiday, pedaling his wares from a folding chair.
Plus, you must remember to put the bike in the highest gear before folding.
Cheese's parents were folding, too, on computers upstairs.
The folding mechanism is yet to be built and tested, but it should work.
Downstairs, the reception area is lined with battered folding chairs occupied by patients with makeshift bandages or open wounds.
And at less than a grand, this may be the cheapest folding kayak on the market.
Surprisingly, folding a towel is a whole lot harder than it might sound.
When you're traveling, properly folding your clothes can reduce wrinkles and prevent damage to fabric.
Movers recommend packing towels and linens in these boxes by folding them over a hanger.
His nose is tethered to an oxygen tank, and on stage he's confined to a folding chair.
Until then, we're stuck with folding, rolling and layering our items in creative ways to minimize creases.
Both have microwaves and mini refrigerators, and you can request a folding cot or crib.
Once the last piece of machinery was gone, the throng moved to folding chairs set up around a fenced ring inside the barn.
Folding the circle in half, she presses out extra air from the filling pocket to keep it from bursting when it hits the hot oil.
The prolonged rounds of betting leave plenty of time for an outrageous bluff to steamroll the other players into folding.
He went to his computer, which was on a folding table in a corner of the room, and began to write a scene.
The dog guys sat on folding chairs beside their pickups.
Old grads in rows of folding chairs filled the huge, wood-panelled main lounge.
The folding seat-back trays have gold-colored hinges, and there is plenty of legroom.
Two new arrivals set up folding chairs outside the stadium.
It has folding legs and a hinged top that folds the table in two.
We begin folding the ties correctly according to color.
At the curb, street venders' folding tables alternate with the ladders.
He removed his shoes and sat down on a couch, folding his legs beneath him, lotus style.
To get jargony, algae are eukaryotic cells, so are quite capable of complex protein folding.
Apparently protein folding problems also use little data and involve a search over a large space.
They have been used to model climate change, forecast economic trends, and simulate the intricate complexities folding proteins.
His group has also enabled the first end-to-end completion of reliably picking up a crumpled laundry article and folding it.
They would stop by the snow fence bordering the field where the revivalists had set up their stage and folding chairs.
The fat must remain unmelted during the whole folding operation.
As a working tool, it doesn't balance right, and the folding handle is clumsy to the grip.
Spectators drifted from table to table, watching the action, or sat on folding chairs against the walls.
The preparation requires no cutting or fancy folding of parchment paper, and lets each diner unwrap a fragrant, smoky package.
Not waiting for an answer, he yanked open his desk drawer and took out a large folding map of the world.
He completed this effort by folding the dough and cutting it into long noodles an eighth of an inch thick.
Start folding the dough over itself until it comes together, then begin kneading.
Folding chairs are lifted from a cart by dads with rolled-up sleeves and are added to the back rows.
If the mixture starts to get too dry, add a few tablespoons of warm water, then continue folding.
Each member of the circus is allowed a small folding chair, and each has his own buckets for washing and bathing.
Those with gobs of flesh folding over the beltline, winded by a trip up the stairs.
Light folding tables along one wall were precariously laden with large pots, pans, and trays of food.
The audience was packed tight, rows of folding chairs extended beyond the wooden pews to capture the overflow.
User-defined animations, particularly the folding and unfolding of collapsible bikes.
Notions and tickets, short circuits and folding mirrors.
They're simply folding ladders to which toolboxes on wheels have been bolted.
Some folding chairs are tenuously roped to the car's side, and a fishing pole sticks out a window.
New kinds of folding bikes have been specially developed for the commuter.
We were directed to a large, desolate room filled with metal folding chairs and card tables stacked against the walls.
Two rows of blue canvas folding chairs have been set up facing the lake.
It had folding side seats and could comfortably accommodate seven people, including the chauffeur.
It turns into a flatfish by folding its arms back into a leaf shape and undulating them up and down.
Crystal structure of a monomeric retroviral protease solved by protein folding game players.
Algorithm discovery by protein folding game players.
Folding in more anecdotes or information would probably have satisfied adult curiosity without boring the kids.
Their booth featured, among other things, a wooden radio and a folding bicycle.
Rather than folding, they adopt open and random structures that are extensively coated with water molecules.
The flag's rippled appearance was from folding during storage, and it could be mistaken for motion in a still photograph.
But larger agencies focus not on folding but on expanding.
Even better, folding a pocket square is easier than tying a bowline knot.
The gym floor was covered with folding chairs neatly lined in rows.

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