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And when the playhouse folded up and drove off, a screen mounted on the side of the trailer replayed the show for all to see.
Seated on a stool with hands folded primly on its lap, it wore a bright pink blazer and gray slacks.
We already folded time and space successfully and travel through it daily.
The antennae and legs are folded around its body, and even its mouth parts can be seen in the imprint.
First cut through the folded side, then turn the card around and cut toward the fold.
Tell students not to glue the folded surfaces together until the illustration is complete.
The hall was dim and overflowed with hundreds of people folded in various lotus poses on rows of straw mats.
Futon bedding is usually folded and stored in closets each morning.
Has pockets all over and can fit in half the size of a shoebox when folded.
In a corner a stack of folded blankets waits for winter.
But apart from causing these diseases, scientists puzzled for years about the exact function of a properly folded prion protein.
The more chemically stable the folded protein becomes, the more points the players are awarded.
Even the sound of sheets being folded could be reproduced here and contained within the area using the latest audio technology.
The display can also be folded in half or crumpled up without incurring any damage.
For example, he says, a full simulation of how a shirt might be folded would include fantastic origami-style shapes.
The research is based on technology called a folded optical system, which can be found in some telescopes today.
The nicest kind of pad is one that when folded, makes its own envelope, so that a message when written need not be left open.
When folded it would not be bulky and its weight would be negligible.
But the firm has since folded, and now he sells it directly from his office, without benefit of the catchy phone number.
Finally, with hands folded in the traditional gesture of greeting, she demurely lowered her eyes to the ground.
She spread her skirts on the bank around her and folded her hands over her knees.
His head was crushed and his legs were strangely folded behind him, and a small pile of rubbish was gathering around him.
He kept his hands folded in his lap and followed the conversation with his eyes.
The thicker mustache and the pudgy folded hand with thumb tucked under cover his mouth.
All around him are dead moths, wings folded softly on thorax.
He's breathing softly, hands folded neatly in his lap, his head bowed as if in meditation.
It's a razor and mirror, folded up together into a package the size and shape of a credit card, ready for a slot in your wallet.
Her colleague, sitting one step down, was fanning himself rapidly with a folded program.
But it's a tube folded in on itself and will need internal supports.
He stands in the middle of the stage, arms folded, a coffee stirrer clenched in his teeth.
The ears can be folded into the headband for better storing, but they do not come with a storage bag or case.
After several weakening attempts to stand, the horse folded to the ground and rolled onto its side.
There are a range of options: ice cream, custard or sweetened whipped cream folded together with fresh fruit.
He then took off his suit coat and neatly folded it, handing it to his attorney.
And folded bags can create a moist environment that helps bacteria grow.
The factories folded and the area swarmed with muggers and junkies.
The way a protein is folded says a lot about how it works, but solving its intricate structure is the tricky part.
If one of the kids folded his arms, then the researcher did as well.
The drugs are crushed together and typically folded into notebook paper.
Nor did it occur to me to put in writing matters such as what to do if the partnership folded, which was mistake number two.
It gets flipped over a few times before it's folded, chopped up and plated.
The folded top squeaked and rattled when the tonneau cover wasn't installed.
Little pieces of paper were folded into the cookies while they were still warm.
Infants are born bowlegged because of their folded position in the uterus.
Infants start out with bowlegs because of their folded position in the uterus.
Folded inside is a delightful mixture of spicy potatoes and peas.
The pants had been folded over the hanger, pinched down by a bracket and covered by the shirt and the jacket.
The full-length figure, with its delicate aquiline nose and folded arms, is by an unknown creator.
Embellishments were elegantly folded into lyrically supple lines.
When he shook hands with a softly folded right fist, he winced.
Folded self-mailer maximum dimensions and weights are now proposed to align with other unenveloped letter standards.
Standards for tabbing are based on basis weight of paper stock used and the location of the folded or bound edge.
Folded self-mailers and booklets may be damaged if the seals used as closures fail during high-speed processing.

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